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srock 12-27-2010 10:36 AM

Opinions Welcome
So my wife made a bold gift attempt by buying me a wakesurfer, she purchased a CWB Ride. I say bold because she knows equipment can be "personal" item but she also made sure the board could be exchanged.

I have never felt the strong need for a wakesurfer but I'll ride and enjoy it. I've only wakesurfed on surfboards and it didn't take long to tear the fins out, but I can hold my own a wakeboard, slalom ski, barefooting, kneeboard, trick ski so this toy won't take long to become proficient.

My boat is a 01 Sunsetter LXI direct drive. I am 5'9, 200#. Is this combination going to work? Will I be challenged for long on this board? Perhaps the board will be good for visitors who are not so strong on the water? Should I keep the board or exchange it? I have a 31 Tiara with a 12' beam, maybe the board would be fun for goofing off on it?

I just don't know enough about surfing and would appreciate any opinions. Thanks.

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