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snwmot 12-19-2010 7:12 PM

opinions on cadillac CTS
hey guys ive been looking into getting a used cadillac 06-07 CTS (not the V) whats your opinions on the car? gas mileage? maintenance? all the important stuff haha i've found a few for anywhere between 15-17k with under 30k mi. also im looking at getting rid of my 2003 BMW 325i with 83,000 miles its starting to kill me on repairs and i've only heard that they get worse as the miles climb i was thinking about listing it for 13K the car is in perfect condition does that sound about right? thanks for any info in advance guys!

trace 12-19-2010 7:46 PM

I looked pretty hard at similar year CTS's and V's a while back. They are nice cars with no big red flag problems that I could find. Just little irritating domestic car stuff like paint coming off buttons on the dash, center arm rest mechanism breaking, stuff like that. I could care less about stuff like that if it starts every day and gets me to work, but coming from a bimmer it might bother you. The non-V models are still quite fun to drive with the stick shift.

snwmot 12-26-2010 2:38 AM

anybody else?

benbuchholz 12-27-2010 7:23 AM

Id steer you away from one. I looked at CTS's when I was buying a car, and did some thorough research. Actually ended up getting a 325i just like yours instead, and love it. Gas mileage on the CTS's are terrible, my neighbor has one and says they get 20-21 mpg with it, and worse in the winter. I have a few uncles that drive CTS's, a cousin, and a couple neighbors, and they all advised me against getting one. They said repair costs were outrageous (and too commonly occuring) and that Cadillac service was terrible. Not sure if you're in a snow climate, but I've had to get our truck and pull my neighbors CTS up a hill three times this winter already. Not a steep hill by any means, i can make it up with my 325i just fine. Granted you could buy a car and have no problems with it....but this was enough to keep me from buying one, and honestly, I'm glad I went with something else. Just my 2 cents!

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