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08-14-2003 11:28 PM

i have no problem with my inverts but for some reason when i go for my 3's even 1's i get off axis and get werked whats goin on

mvda 08-15-2003 7:47 AM

jump first, then pull the handle to spin yourself. don't try to huck a spin off the wake.

drewsmug 08-15-2003 2:14 PM

if you can't throw your 180's good yet i would suggest trying any 3's. Work on solid 180's hs and ts and then focus on your 3's.

tantrum999 08-15-2003 2:27 PM

if heelside, come in on a softer edge and try to go straight up, not just spin. practice on land turning the handle over, keep it in and low. if your height is good then slap or grab the board, then spin forcing you to spin it late.

08-16-2003 1:07 PM

thanks i think thats what my problem is i try to spin right off the wake <BR> <BR> mike

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