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sidekicknicholas 12-15-2010 4:36 PM

Email- Spam --- what is illegal?!
Okay, here is what I have in mind and just wondering if it is at all illegal:

Our landlords are worthless. We had 24" of snow 5 days ago. Since there our landlords (who in the lease state they are responsible for snow removal) have not been here yet.

So we have two sets of townhouses - each with 6 units... so 12 total units each with 2 bedrooms - 24 people living there... we have 20 actual spots, 2 cars are extra but just make it work by parking just off the black top..... right now there are 8 open spots because people have shoveled.

These 8 who got a spot free at some point have to leave and have had others "steal" the spot... so people starting parking people in out of spite...

After all this we've tried calling the landlords 5+ times and never gotten an answer and their Voicemail is 100% full. Emails are not being repsonded to either.... until today, we got an email that said, "YOU WILL BE FINED if you are not parked in a reasonable parking spot." So I've had it.

My plan is the following:
Create a yahoo mail account - whatever@yahoo.com
use the atl. email as our landlord's email (there are 2 guys - I'm going to hit the *******, the other is nice)
Then with yahoo alerts have an email sent to both accounts for all internet auctions with the keywords - "SNOW PLOW SNOW BLOWER SNOW SHOVEL"
.... they'll be getting a whole mess of emails dealing with snow removal equipment.

I'm just a concerned renter trying to help.... if they dig hard enough clearly it could be linked back to my IP/MAC address..... is this illegal? I can deal with them hating me, but not the police

wake77 12-15-2010 5:59 PM

With hold your next rent payment if you have it in the lease that they are responsible for snow removal and advise your neighbors to do the same. Then tell the landlords that you will uphold your end of the lease agreement (your rent payment) when they uphold theirs.

sidekicknicholas 12-15-2010 7:56 PM

I fully plan on getting a discount, if not free rent (our water heater has been leaking for 3 weeks and they still haven't had someone come by after 4 answered calls, 3 voicemails, and 6 emails.)

I just want them to have a little pain in the ass like we've all had to deal with.

ttrigo 12-15-2010 8:10 PM

make sure you document every single email, phone call, etc.
I would avoid the spam idea, and just be dilligent via the phone and email.

mc_x15 12-16-2010 9:37 AM

I would suggest not Spamming them and instead withhold rent. That will hurt them more and benefit you the most. Document everything, with picture and text. Take pictures or people blocked in. Also have each tenant or leaseholder sign every document of proof that it was indeed effecting each leaseholder. Then you must get each leaseholder to withhold payment. Then it seems like you will need to shovel yourself. Take pictures, have each tenant who helped sign a written document and demand compensation. You missed work etc bc you were blocked in. Had to spend your time shoveling. Documnet hours and you hourly rate. Hope this helps. Landlords can really be difficult to deal with. If they blow you off, its time to go to court.

wakeboardingdad 12-17-2010 7:25 AM

It'll take them less time to create a e-mail rule than it'll take you to create the search and send e-mail. Like someone else said, withhold the rent, but send them the pics of the issues so you're covered and they were notified. Mom's house is looking good now isn't it!? :)

sidekicknicholas 12-17-2010 8:40 AM


Mom's house is looking good now isn't it!?
Haha, I know right

I could also become the greatest landlord ever..... change lives through my amazing renting abilities.

They are coming today sometime between 12-3 pm to take care of the snow... but they did also note in the email if there are ANY cars in the lot they will not plow.... and since there are like 5 cars still burried (2 of which are our neighbors) who are the laziest, most worthless turds in the world.... I could see them just saying F-it, we don't care.

Our landlord/management company is a family run deal, and the youngest brother went to school in this town.... I found out last night a girl I know use to date the guy, so she has his number.....maybe I'll just have those alerts sent via text .... She also told me to check him out on circuit court, I guess he is a sleezebag and has been caught doing something

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