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fullonsalesgrp 12-11-2010 7:55 AM

Does anyone have a 90cm or 100cm board
I am looking for some used kids boards I want to get the twins riding as soon as possiable.
Because there are two we are limited on cash, Grace is the smaller of the two and Finn would ride the 100. Any chance anyone have a board laying around ????

bill_sloan 12-12-2010 5:30 AM

Don't know if this would help, but it's Overtons Deal Of The Day.

sailing216 12-16-2010 7:57 AM

I just picked up a 1-yr used Burton Chopper 95cm with bindings and boots off ebay for $150. My 4-yr old is going to love it. I shopped HARD on closeouts at a bunch of sites and couldn't find deals on small boards. So my advice is ebay or craigslist for something used. Don't forget the cost of shipping if you're buying everything seperate. Kids are going to outgrow it quickly so I can sell it next year for probably the same price. Don't forget helmets for the littleones. I get most my gear from evogear.com

Good luck

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