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surfdoggy 12-10-2010 6:45 AM

Beginner Ski/Boarding in WV or NC: recommendations?
I have a nephew in Florida who has never been in the snow. Thinking about getting him a couple days of lodging and lift tix in NC or WV. Since he has never been on skis before, bunny slopes and greens are likely all he will need. Someplace with snowtubing and ice skating and some stuff to do when not skiing would be good too, since he will probably be toast after skiing 4-5 hours a day. Looking for someplace with cheap lodging, cheap tix, and relatively easy to get to from Florida. NC and WV seem good, but would love to have location recommendations from someone who has been to either one.. Thanks.

jabilitator 12-31-2010 4:11 PM


jonblarc7 01-06-2011 12:18 PM

^^ Snowshoe would be the best lots to do in the village but proably not the cheapest.

Winterplace WV would be the eastiest to get to it right off 77 and have good tubing if you want to do that kind of thing.

YOu could also rent a house in Boone then he would have acess to Ski Beech, Sugar Mountain, and, App. Mountain.

fly135 01-07-2011 2:55 PM

I used to take my family to Snowshoe years ago when the kids were growing up. It's a great place. Shoeshow consisted of both SNowshoe and Silver Creek ski areas. Silver Creek was a huge condo with inside pool while Snowshoe is a lot of smaller condos. Silver Creek seemed like a better place if you had kids, and it was easy to go between the two. They didn't have ice skating back then, not sure about now.

15 hours from Orlando.

other1 01-10-2011 3:01 PM

Snowshoe > Winterplace We meet my wives family at Snowshoe to teach/work with their kids. We made the mistake of meeting them at Winterplace once. The silver creek area at Snowshoe is great for beginners, however the lodge itself is pretty run down compared to the accommodations at the village. Be prepared to bring your own food and wine if you want to cook in, and if it is a weekend, be ready to wait for dinner if you are eating out. Also, almost no cell reception or WiFi.

The village at Snowshoe usually offers some options for the non skiers.

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