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benbuchholz 12-07-2010 6:55 AM

Moving to orlando
So if all goes as planned, I'm going to be moving to orlando after this coming summer. Most likely going to take a trip down either this winter or sometime in the spring to check everything out down there. Anyone have any advice on what areas to look at when I'm down there? Not sure yet if I'll be getting a house or an apartment, but I'm thinking more likely an apartment than a house. Also planning on going to UCF after living there for a year, to finish my business degree. Anyone currently attend UCF or attend it in the past? I'd like to hear opinions on that school as well. Any other advice is welcomed. thanks! And yes I will be hitting up a cable park when I visit...i can't pass that up! :p

behindtheboat 12-08-2010 6:05 AM

UCF is the greatest school you could ever attend. If you need some more 1st or 2nd yr classes Valencia CC is a great affordable option.

sidekicknicholas 12-08-2010 9:36 AM

I planned on the same thing - here is what I did -

2nd semester of my sophomore year I took a bunch of general classes from my UW school - all online classes. So I was a full-time student still in a 4-year UW school but could do it from where ever I wanted.

My buddy and I took the boat down to Winter Haven, FL - first thing I did was register to vote there and get a drivers liscense (to establish residency). I wanted to transfer down there - so I figured I would do the online classes for 5 months (2nd semester) - spend the summer there, and then only have 1 semester of out-of-state tuition..... which was about what I was paying in-state in Wisconsin.

The semester passed and when I went to meet with an advisor at USF and UCF found out almost nothing was going to transfer smooth. So after a lot of trying to work the advisors to get things to count for credit they basicall said no,
It was stupid things like I had taken "Differential Equations and Linera Algebra" - a 5 credit mix of D.E. and Lin Algebra, but those schools had just 1 or the other, and wouldn't let mine count for either....

After all was said and done, I came back here after 8 months down there and am just finishing my degree here.

Business is a fairly general degree so you should have better luck than me.

+1 for Valencia and or Polk CC to get started - the out of state tuition was cheaper there than my in-state.... and USF has a smaller branch in Lakeland that could be an option.

Good luck

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