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Mwendt 12-06-2010 12:01 PM

Corpus Christi
I'm moving to Corpus for business in January and looking to see who rides. Found a great group of riders through WakeWorld this past summer when at school in Southern Cal. Thinking about buying a boat this spring. I usually ride at Lake McQueeney behind a 236 Nautique and don't want to commute all weekend. If you shred in Corpus and looking to meet more riders and need some bones for gas, hit me up. Have a good one



glassywater09 12-11-2010 7:36 PM

Right on, pedal down!
Mike, see you staying wet after leaving us in SoCal. Enjoyed having you on the boat and your get-after-it approach to wakeboarding. You will find crew, they are there, keep sniffing around.


jeffschuh 12-19-2010 12:35 PM

Hey just moved to Corpus in July from Washington where I rode. Haven't found anyone in Corpus yet who rides but I've heard of a lake like 45 min away. I don't have a boat but I'm glad to hear there are others interested. I'd love to ride down here so keep in touch.


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