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barry 12-03-2010 9:43 PM

Old FD mounts?
I'm gearing up to do some wide field astrophotography using a CCD imager and an adapter that will allow me to mount Canon FD lenses rather than mounting the imager to a telescope. I am looking for cheap(would love donations :) ) FD lenses between 50-300mm. I do not care what they look like, I don't even care much if the lens has a scratch or two on the glass...

I am interested in buying, renting, borrowing, trading... leasing...?!

I currently have an FD 50mm, so I will not need that focal length.

wakedad33 12-03-2010 10:53 PM

Barry, you also might want to post this on www.fredmiranda.com he has a vast audience.

scott_a 12-09-2010 12:40 AM

Barry, there's a pro shop in Palo Alto that you might try getting in touch with. The have a pretty big used department w/ a 'bargin bin' of old stuff. I'd give them a call and see if you can work out some kind of deal on FD mount lenses. I'm sure they've got a few of them laying around... http://www.kspphoto.com/

barry 12-10-2010 9:22 AM

Excellent, guys... thanks for the suggestions!

richd 12-12-2010 6:44 PM

Alternative lenses forum on FM:


I've found a lot of old lenses on ebay as well.

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