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12-01-2010 9:10 AM

Help WWers...New to Snow Boarding
Hey guys, totally new to Snowboarding. Have done it once for about an hour on small hill. Don't get to go out much maybe twice a year but having my own board just makes sense cost wise. So...with that said. I need to find a board, used or new. Prefer used maybe 2-5 years old and rather cheap if possible with bindings and boots, again if possible. So...

I am 6' 170lbs and new to snowboarding. Can wakeboard if that is good thing..if it translates and can ski all black and some double blacks.

What board should I be looking for? I will look on craigslist, here and ebay or wherever you tell me too look..

Thanks guys!

wazzy 12-01-2010 10:04 AM

Sizing up a board properly requires some info:

your height
your weight
your boot size
what will you be doing with the board (park, pow, everything)
where do you see your ability in 2 years
your budget

(i think that covers it)

12-01-2010 10:17 AM


ok good points...
boots size is 10 I would think maybe 10.5
Just learning now, so want to be stable yet able to small jumps and easy landings
Ability in 2 years will be roughly the same as now, yet a bit better. (only get out 2 times a year in midwest for 2 days each time usually)
Will also be with small kids alot teaching them skiing, so easy on and off.....

Budget - maybe $200....maybe less if possible ...

Meert 12-01-2010 1:06 PM

Scott keep checking Wiskymilitia.com they have had some great deals the past few weeks.

12-03-2010 7:06 AM

Cmon guys.... I need some help....size? brands? anything?

That wiskymilitia is nothing ????

JJ 12-03-2010 7:10 AM


nnorthf2 12-03-2010 9:06 AM

Scott -
I have a brand new Nitro Prime 159 that I would sell you for $200..... Its an awesome board for someone starting out. Directional stance, softer/more forgiving flex.....email me at
nnorthf2@gmail.com if you are interested

12-03-2010 9:20 AM

Nick, Thanks for the offer but want something I can ride both ways. Even if it is harder to start.....just wish someone would say "Scott, you need X board...." I have no clue where to start. Found a ton on Ebay but don't know what is too small and I guess your shoe size determines width all that stuff....uggg...not like wakeboarding..... all bindings fit on a WB...

wazzy 12-03-2010 10:00 AM

let me see what I can dig up

Meert 12-03-2010 12:26 PM

Nick is that the same board they are selling on wiskey for $169?
Scott you shoudl be fine on anything 158-164cm Boots 10.5 and large bindings. They had another deal for bindings on wiskey for $39 today. Just keep checking. Sorry for the mispelling on the website.
Hope that helps.

guido 12-03-2010 12:30 PM

Scott, at your size and weight I'd shoot for a 158-160 on a standard all mountain board. You don't need a park board. A directional board will be fine and can be ridden switch just fine. A little set-back on your regular foot set-up will make riding in powder and soft snow much easier. A standard width board should be OK, but a 10.5 will drag toes/heels slightly on hard carves. Not that big of a deal. A wide board will be better in pow/soft snow, but will be more sluggish on groomers. I love Burton bindings and would pick them most days of the week. A set of Cartel's can be had cheap and should be awesome. Just about any board will work. They all make good ones. Rome, Nitro, Lib-tech, Burton, Never Summer... really anything will get you started. Boots: I love my BOA boots, but they're a love/hate type deal. I've got Vans Fargos right now that I'm on my second set of. I also have some thirty-two's. They're both good, but I like the Fargo's much better. For me, the Boa's have been bomb proof. I've only broken one cable in 5 or 6 seasons. Maybe I just run them looser than the guys that break them.

Whiskey Militia has great deals on new stuff, but Craigslist or E-bay should deliver for you. Boots are kinda a personal thing. You may want to try some on. They're likely need to be heat molded, too.

I sold my last set-up, Solomon board, ride LX bindings and Fargo's for $250, so that's a pretty reasonable budget.

guido 12-03-2010 12:33 PM

CJ and I were typing at the same time. You could go to a 164, but that'll be more of a soft conditions board and could be a bit sluggish. I'm 6' and 160 and ride a 156 at the park and groomers and a 158 with the bindings set back for pow. I'd like to go longer for pow, but am running what I already had. It works pretty well.

There are a lot of reverse camber, skate, banana (etc) boards popping up. I'd really like to get on a RC board, but for your budget/skill a regular board should be fine and cheap.

migs 12-03-2010 1:26 PM

try a bunch of boots on. as many as possible to see which ones feel the best for you. thats the only way to do it with boots. MAKE SURE they are not too loose - if they are, your feet, ankles & legs are gonna fry in 2 hours. When in your boots, standing straight up, your toes should be touching the ends of the boots. NOT crunched, but definitely touching, when you bend your knees, like you will be when you ride, your toes will push back a bit from the tips, and not be touching as much. Thast when you know they are the right fit.

Im 5'10 160 - i ride a Burton T6 159 for everything. If im going to do a park only day, I gotta 157 just for that. But the 159 is just right for EVERYTHING.

seth 12-03-2010 2:07 PM

check out thehouse.com. They have a bunch of package deals for pretty cheap. Look for mid wide board for 10.5 boots. You want a board that you have little to no toe drag on (toes hanging over the board). Right around 160 would be a good do anything board. Boot selection is actually probably more important for a beginner. If your feet hurt or if you have tons of heel lift you wont be in control or have any fun/progress.

ilikebeaverandboats 12-03-2010 2:18 PM

make sure that you get a board thats a wide, or at least has a 26cm+ waist.
I would go for a libtech or gnu. A gnu carbon credit would be perfect, good entry level board that has all the tech and features of the nicer mervin boards. Has Magnetraction, Banana, and an extruded base.

12-04-2010 6:47 AM

Thanks guys, just checked all the comments. I can't believe how overwhelming this is. My $200 budget seems to be getting blasted for everything. I think I am going to look at all 158 boards on Ebay or near me on Craigslist. Now for bindings and boots, which do I want the step in kind like they rent, that you have the metal bar and one side has a hook and lever? Or what I see more people have the bindings with straps? Would assume straps....?

CJ and Evan, thanks for all the info as well as the rest of you guys. Living in Indiana (yeah I said it, no mtn around just crap hills) so we won't have powder days more like ICE days. We head to Michigan or Wisconsin at least once a year so maybe there but still more like ice. Not gonna worry too much on brand or anything like that for a board to start. Just a 158 and some comfy boots as you all stated. If anyone has something or knows or see something let me know.

ziggen 12-04-2010 11:04 AM

Get straps, they are much more adjustable that just a boot with step ins. I'm not even sure anyone makes the metal step-ins anymore.

sailing216 12-16-2010 7:11 AM

evogear.com has very good prices on leftovers. I picked up a demo board from them and it was just a showroom model without a scratch. Bought 4 setups from them for the kids this year. We ride the small hills too so I agree it's not worth it to blow out the budget. Only thing I noticed is watch the burton boards for 3-holes when almost all other bindings are 4. Yes there is an adapter plate but I don't want to mess with that. ebay and craigslist are your friends. The one thing I would never rent is a helmet or bathing suit for that matter.

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