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poser007 11-22-2010 7:31 PM

Ufc 123
So I go to watch the Rampage vs Machida fight and here is my take on it since it seems there is a little controversy.

I had Rampage winning both the 1st and second rounds barely. I had Machida winning round 3 a bit more then I had Rampage winning the first 2. That being said I thought the decision although a tough one was the right one.

And what about Penn with the knock out over Hughes? I had all but written Penn off after his 2 losses to Frankie Edgar. DTW if you read this here is what I would do if I were Dana White.

Rampage gets the winner of Shogun Evans
Machida fights Nones Jones and the winner of that fights the winner of Rampage and whoever he would face between Shogun and Evans.

I would also like to see a rematch of Silva Sonnen or Silva Belfort.

Cant wait for Can vs Dos Santos. My fear is that Cain will try and fight the gight on the ground and make for a boring fight. Ultimately I would love to see Carwin vs Cain in a stand up war.

lizzyb 11-22-2010 9:02 PM

I thought Rampage won the first two rounds.. Machida the third. I cannot f'ing stand Machida. The dancing around for the duration of the fight is just infuriating.

I believe Rampage will get the winner of Jones vs. Bader. The loser of that fight might go to Machida.

Anderson Silva is fighting Vitor Belfort at UFC 127.

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