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306Rider 11-22-2010 10:13 AM

Underwater Point & Shoot
Just wondering if anyone has some experience with underwater point and shoots?? I have a pentex W60 and the picture quality sucks! I would love a housing for the 7D but that isnt in the budget. I have read some review and most say the Canon one takes the best Pic's but its way to big of a camera. I am heading to Tahiti for my honeymoon in Feb. and want to take pic's of the fish while Snorkling and Scuba diving. Sorry for the long post. Thanks

dcervenka 11-27-2010 4:52 PM

I have the Panasonic TS1 and it work wells for video underwater (in the pool). Not sure how the picture quality is in the ocean though. It's still going strong after a year plus of avg pool use including two vegas pool parties.

Not sure I recommend using ANY self contained waterproof cameras (vs. one in a custom housings) for SCUBA, but check with the manufacture recommendations.

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