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tahoesurfer 11-20-2010 10:43 AM

Surffresh Orlando
I was in Orlando last weekend and got a chance to go surf with Drew from Surf Fresh Orlando. Drew is a great guy, he was very nice and very accomadating to my group. He has the new amazing Supreme V226. If you haven't had a chance to surf behind one of these boats you really need to. It makes an amazing wake. Drew has a great set up, awsome boat, really nice calm lake, and great weather. So the next time your in Orlando you should check him out.


jdjjamesz 11-20-2010 10:47 AM

Whats his number ,im out there alot..

tahoesurfer 11-20-2010 10:54 PM

surf fresh
Drew's number is 407-947-6670 and his site is surffresh.com Check him out when you are out there next. You will have a great time and a great wake to check out. I love that supreme V226.

surfdad 11-21-2010 7:26 AM

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Ditto about Drew and surffresh.com. We were heading back to the greater Orlando area for the USA WB Nationals - Wakesurf in early September. We had an afternoon to kill and I started looking to see if I could hire a trawler to wakesurf!!! I couldn't seem to find anything and tripped over Drew's website, in the process. I shot him an email to see if we could rent his boat for the afternoon and small world that it is, he knew my son James and had actually been in contact with him.

Drew went way out of his way to accomodate us. Great folks and his home lake literally was glass the entire time we were there, even over the weekend! Also, so much of the water down in FL seems to be that tea colored brown and Drew's lake is nice and clear.

I can't say enough good things about Drew and Surffresh.com. DJ - look for Drew Richardson on Facebook he's the man!

surffresh 11-22-2010 6:19 AM

Thanks for the kind words guys, our weather is holding up, 80's all week and the water temp is hanging on 70.....you know what that means.....time to ride!

surffresh 12-05-2010 1:36 PM

32 degrees average for the next 3 nights......uhhggg !

dennish 12-05-2010 7:24 PM

Hate to say it but, welcome to reality in most of the rest of the country.

tahoesurfer 12-07-2010 11:23 PM

Yep it's cold and full of snow here and not a boat in sight. Wishing I was able to get some surf in, but the snow is fun too..

tahoesurfer 01-02-2011 5:10 PM

video clip
Here is a link to a video clip from a day with Surf Fresh in Orlando


tahoesurfer 01-02-2011 9:03 PM

video clip
I think this link should work.

surffresh 03-07-2011 5:20 PM

Wakesurfers....our water temps here in Orlando are already up to 75, the V226 is coming out of the warehouse and back to the lake, hit us up if you would like to come out and ride ! We also have a 2011 MB F21 Tomcat on the water ready to go !

brewkettle 03-11-2011 2:07 PM

We will be down April 23, to let Drew and his crew demo abound of boards

desotodave 03-21-2011 7:46 PM

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I spent the day with Drew at Surffresh today, and it was fantastic! The boat throws a fantastic wake, and was a great experience to try something besides my Enzo. Drew really had the boat weighted down right, and the wake was sharp and had great push. The interior of the Supreme was very big, and it really seems like a much larger boat than it is. If anyone is in Orlando I highly recommend spending a day with Drew. Here is a quick shot of my riding a surf style board for the first time.

desotodave 03-22-2011 9:17 AM

Okay, so this is not much to brag about, but here is a short video that was shot of me behind Drew's Supreme with my blackberry. So....quality of picture and me surfing is not great! This was my first time surfing "surf Style" and my attempt to do a 360 is if nothing else pitiful!!! I am so used to my Carbon Drew just spinning like a top. I just did not quite figure out how to take my weight off my front foot to bring the front of the board around.


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