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dakid 11-16-2010 10:36 PM

photo gallery viewer
have you considered getting a different gallery viewer? the current one's a bit annoying cause you have to scroll down each time you click next (if you're on a laptop) to view the pic. i usually don't end up looking at every pic 'cause this gets annoying after a while.

how 'bout a viewer that "pops up" and automatically resizes to fit your screen up to the image's max width/height.

for example:


click on the first pic, which is landscape (horizontal). click "next" and you'll be able to see the next image w/o having to scroll...the viewer just resizes if it needs to, which in this case it does 'cause the next image is a portrait (vertical). if your screen is small, it will resize to fit that screen, but you still have the option to see it at full-res as you'll see a magnifying pointer if you move the mouse to the center of the image.

i hope all that made sense.

wakeworld 11-16-2010 11:09 PM

Why do you have to scroll? Is the image too big to fit in your browser window? Or is the entire page actually re-loading and scrolling back to the top each time you click the "Next" arrow? Can you throw up a screenshot for me? What browser are you using? I actually ran these photos at a little larger size than normal because they were almost all portrait, but I may have gone too big. What's the viewer you're using on your site?

dakid 11-16-2010 11:28 PM

1. yes, it's too big on my lappy (15.4" screen)
2. when i click the next arrow, it reloads the page and brings it back to the top (doesn't look like it happens all the time)
3. firefox
4. NextGEN Gallery (wordpress)

dakid 11-16-2010 11:30 PM

ok, weird...it's not doing it at all now. haha! but i still have to scroll up to see the pic, then scroll back down to click the next arrow. is it possible to add a "disappearing" arrow on the pic so people w/ smaller lappys won't have to scroll?

dakid 11-16-2010 11:37 PM

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wakeworld 11-17-2010 8:54 AM

I'll look into adjusting the placement of the arrows. What do you run your screen resolution at?

alans 11-17-2010 8:55 AM

Mine looks the same. But I just downsize the page "command, -"

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