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depswa 11-12-2010 12:11 PM

Plasma TV Repair?
Hey guys...This seems to be a good place for for random knowledge, so here goes....

Yesteday I came home from work and there was a 46" plasma tv in front of my apartment with a sign that said "FREE." It looked o.k. although one of feet was busted (should be easy to fix with some epoxy or something) and the remote was taped to it.

When I plug it in, and press power, it comes on, but no picture...Do you guys know if there is some sort of lamp or something that might need replacing? I'm not familiar with plasmas, but my old DLP was as good as new with a $100 replacement lamp, and I wonder if this situation would be similar?

We already have a nice LED for our main TV, but having a plasma in the pool table area would be cool.

Do you guys think it's even worth trying to repair? It's definitely and older TV (AKAI I think?) and I don't think it even has an HDMI input.

BCPMike0663 11-12-2010 2:33 PM

From my experiencem I have a daewoo plasma that I got free from points a long time ago before there was even HD and it went out. It was under warranty and it was repaired but I was told at the time it would have been $1500 to repair. Definately more then the TV was worth. If that TV goes out again I will just buy a new TV they are pretty inexpensive now days.

sailing216 12-16-2010 7:29 AM

My Hitachi 55" 1080p plasma went out 13 months after I bought it with the same symptoms. Luckly I bought the extended warranty and swapped it out with a sony bravia LCD 52".

Yes the cost to replace the 'Panel' was $1500+. They did try to replace everything except it like power source, new motherboard, and a few curcuits (there was a bunch), but luckly it was DOA. Repairman wasted 6 weeks of my time. Dude also tried the 'if it's in sunlight or a heater then it might have gotten too hot and that's your fault and warranty won't cover it", I told him to kiss my azz as it's in the basement with a walkbehind wall for wiring access and to bring a coat when I have the AC cranked.

You could get online and try to part out the unit. That glass is very expensive, and with all the kids throwing Wii's around, replacement glass was $600 but people parting out were getting $150+ shipping.

brettw 12-16-2010 8:32 AM

Use it for target practice.

zo1 12-16-2010 9:09 AM

No fixie Plasmas.... Not for less than you can buy a new one for

downfortheride 12-16-2010 11:51 AM

I had a burnt panel and a pixel out and they decided to give me a new TV cause the cost would be way more then buying a new one. Now it's your turn to put it on the curb and list it for "FREE"...

depswa 12-16-2010 12:21 PM

Yep... I did put it on the curb, but under the "Free" part I added "Works Perfectly!" It was gone in 30 seconds...lol

Not really, I just put it on the curb and it was gone the next day...didn't even need a sign.

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