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kmgs 11-10-2010 8:57 PM

JOIN...the Dirty South Boarders, Wakeboarding Club - Tom-Tenn/Pickwick, TN
Website: http://www.dirtysouthboarders.com

Next Event: Ski Freeze benefiting Dream Factor on January 1st

The Dirty South Boarders wakeboarding club's mission is to create a network of riders in the mid-south to support one and other, wake related sports, local businesses in the Pickwick area, and our lake/river systems.

From spring to fall, this club will bring recreational, hardcore, beginner, pros and everything in between together to learn about the sport and have fun together. Activities include spending time on and off the lake, sharing a common interest in wake related activities, and a monthly planned/unplanned social gatherings.

Membership will range from individuals to couples to families to whatever you call yourself. This club welcomes everyone and no one person should feel that they cannot be involved with this group. We will try to ensure that this club is informal in nature, with a few planned gatherings during the year, but mostly riding, bbq'ing, and tie-ups on the lake with whomever happens in Pickwick on a particular day.

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