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brichter14 11-10-2010 6:39 PM

lookin for cheap set up...
I live in Illinois. I go on one snow board trip a year and I'm sick of renting. I'm lookin for a cheap setup for myself. I'm 6'4" 190lbs, last year I rode a 160 I think. I wear a size 13 boot. Let me know!

wazzy 11-11-2010 11:03 AM

Whats your definition of cheap? (whats your budget?) I might be able to help.

do you ride park, or cruise more?

do you want to stick with a 160cm?

magic 11-11-2010 3:33 PM


brichter14 11-11-2010 5:45 PM

I just cruise. Not a big jumper, rather do that on the water. I'm sure anything 150 and up would be fine. I honestly don't want to spend more than 200.

wazzy 11-12-2010 11:15 AM

I can get you a 2011 Rome Manual 159 cm for $220 + shipping. http://www.romesnowboards.com/product/boards/manual/
And Bindings.. Targas, 390's, Arsenals.... if you are interested

I can get you a 2010 Rome Notch 162 cm for around $220 + shipping too. It's not a wide board, but it's wider to float in the powder, might work.

As far as board & bindings under $200 combined, I currently have nothing in a wide set up that would work for you.

Let me know if any of this is of interest, or if you can bump up your budget a little more....

lsukuntryboy 12-08-2010 10:01 PM

Im kinda in the same situation. plannin a trip to mount hood in early march, lookin for a beginner set up. Im 6-3 220 with a size 15. i have no clue what im lookin for tho. got about a 300 or so dollar budget for board and bindings. help!

nnorthf2 12-10-2010 12:00 PM

I got a Nitro Prime 159 Wide with all black Raiden Wizard Bindings that I can sell for $300...... send me a PM if you are interested in this set up. It is brand new!!!! Never used

12-10-2010 12:37 PM

With a size 13 you defintely want a wide. I'm only an 11.5 and I won't ride anything but a wide. Toe-hang/drag sucks. Take a look at www.evogear.com and http://www.departmentofgoods.com/, even E-Bay. They typically have some pretty good deals.

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