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lgdrills 11-04-2010 9:29 AM

Socal riding!!
Have f23 tomcat. Looking for third for this weekend.

jblinzler 11-04-2010 4:57 PM

which day and where at man. im josh average rider havent gone and wana get back out there

jblinzler 11-06-2010 10:02 PM

yo man thanks again for the pull today. wake was a dream and your crew was dope. look forward to riding with you again.

lgdrills 11-07-2010 5:36 PM

Hey bro thanks fir going. U up for this weekend? I bought two wetsuits today.

ryker1 11-12-2010 7:55 AM

You ridng this Sunday? Where at? Was going to hit the stadium with my boat but haven't had much response from the regulars.

lgdrills 11-12-2010 9:07 AM

Chad don't know about Sunday. But sat for sure. Hit me up 5597897314

lgdrills 12-04-2010 7:02 PM

Was nice at perris today. Nice meeting you guys.

stoked_32 12-06-2010 12:56 PM

except it was FREEZING COLD :mad: It was good meetin ya too louie.

lgdrills 12-23-2010 1:51 PM

Hey John as soon as I get a clear weekend it's on bro. I've been out of state for work just got back.

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