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snwmot 11-02-2010 7:34 PM

7D getting cheaper???
i keep hearing rumors mainly on forums and stuff that the 7D should be getting alot cheaper sometime soon does anyone know if that's actually true? and if so why?

benbuchholz 11-03-2010 10:03 AM

Same reason TV's get cheaper, probably. Technology advances. Maybe the new 7D's have better sensors/internals, making the older model 7D's cheaper. Or it could just be that its getting moved down a notch in their line of cameras, if they're coming out with another high-end camera. All just my opinion, but I'd assume its just because newer models could be coming out soon.

cali_rider 11-03-2010 12:07 PM

Ive seen a lot of rebates around $250 off at a lot of store especially since the release of the 60D. Not sure if they are releasing another camera again but it probably has to do in a possible decrease in sales of the 7D since they are making much cheaper cameras that are similar. I personally know people now buying the 60D over the 7D.

Walt 11-03-2010 6:37 PM

I shot a wedding with a 7D and loved it. Great camera IMHO.

scott_a 11-03-2010 8:22 PM

My friend preordered the 60D then cancelled the preorder once she found out that Canon stripped a few of the features off of it that were on the 40D/50D. She got a 7D instead and she's very happy with it.

scott_a 11-03-2010 8:31 PM

Also, the rebates might be to stir interest in the Canon products among the early holiday shoppers. Someone that miiiiight be in the market for a camera right now would probably be a LOT more likely to buy a new setup if it's $250 cheaper.

If the 7D was due for replacement I think we would have heard some rumors by now, no? No idea either way. Canon seems to update the 30D/40D/50D line every year, but they waited 4 years to replace the 5D with the 5DII. So who knows when the 7D will be replaced.

steezyshots 11-05-2010 10:33 AM

I heard they are coming out with a 5D Mark lll so that may have something to do with it

skull 11-08-2010 7:51 AM

The 5D Mark II is so good I just wonder what the 5D Mark III will have? I can see a bunch of video upgrades I don't care about. I would be interested in seeing an AF system similar to the 7D since I have always thought the AF on the 5D2 is a bit weak...

deuce 12-14-2010 7:44 PM

I hope so.... I have started to get a little itchy about the possibility of getting a new body.... I would like something that allows me to shoot at higher iso @ the rinks....and have been looking at the 7D.

skull 12-15-2010 8:12 AM

High ISO on the 5D2 isn't near as good as the 1D4 IMO. I haven't used the 7D yet. I used the 5D this weekend to shoot my kid's piano recital and had to go up to ISO1600 which was disappointing on close examination whereas my 1D4 is very good at 3200 and completely usable up to 12,800 with a little noise reduction.

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