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imondi 10-22-2010 9:46 PM

Raley too inverted
Whenever I throw my raleys, I get completely inverted before bringing it back (I am talking you can see the bottom of my board from the boat). I can still bring them back, but it comes back so fast that my landings are inconsistent. Even though it looks pretty cool, it is way cooler to land all of them! Whenever I watch videos of people doing them, they do not get that inverted. What do I need to do to get less inverted?

I will get a video tomorrow. Thanks guys!

cwb4me 10-23-2010 6:56 PM

victor either you are truely throwing your raley instead of relaxing your hips and letting them rotate back and up. or you are not keeping your head up by looking at the tower,looking down will cause you to over rotate also.put on the video and we'll see.

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