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daveronix199 10-13-2010 2:57 PM

Where can i Buy Remote wakeskates
I live in canada we dont have them here so online i guess is my only chance

daveronix199 10-16-2010 4:30 PM


wswb4lfe 10-16-2010 10:37 PM


electricsnow 10-18-2010 9:42 PM

I think you're going to have a tough time finding one for a bit. I know that wake nation had some of the new 2011 decks...beyond that, i know boardstop.com has accessories and had boards, and the liquid playground had boards as well...I think TSR also stocks remote. It's sometimes tricky to get those boards because batches are pretty small, but good luck.

epicTWR 12-28-2010 11:25 AM

Anyone wanting a Remote board, check out
we will be getting in 5 or 6 Remotes pretty soon.

perfski 02-16-2011 5:19 AM

We just got two of each size..... Get them before they are gone.


kcrider 02-22-2011 8:20 PM

I got mine from aacadia.com. Can't wait till it gets warm here so I can ride it.

04-29-2011 11:53 AM

I saw one on ebay a month ago. That might be worth a shot.

saraj 12-06-2011 12:56 PM

Activewake.com just put theirs up online. They look really good this year.

ktm525 12-09-2011 3:42 PM

My local shop has them, He also sells online. He is the best in the world.
The Liquid Playground.
here is the link.

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