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scott_a 10-11-2010 1:27 AM

page lengths
Any possibility of making threads split to a second page sooner? I LOVE how longer threads will have multiple pages so that load time can be cut down, but it seems like the page lengths are set to like 100 posts as opposed to 15 or 20 posts like other forums I visit. The 'post your pics' threads in the Audio/Video forum tend to take awhile to load when they get longer...I was just wondering if you might consider decreasing this a bit? Here's an example: http://www.wakeworld.com/forum/showthread.php?t=781844

wakeworld 10-11-2010 8:14 AM

Actually, we started out the new version of WakeWorld with 50 posts per page, but we got a lot of complaints because people enjoyed the way the old site worked, which threw down a lot more posts per page. So we changed it back to 100 and people seem much happier. I realize that for some with slow connections it might present a problem, so perhaps we'll work on adding this as a user-defined option in the future. That way everyone will be happy.

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