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twelve02 10-07-2010 4:37 PM

What size Fly High Pro X Series Fat Sac?
I have a 2003 Sanger V230 and want to change the V-Drive locker sacs to the Fly High Pro X Series Fat Sac






My right compartment can fit the larger sac, but not my left. I know they will conform to the space, but want to make sure they fit nicely in there.

Anyone use any of these sacs?

hatepain 10-07-2010 5:01 PM

Two 750's is the way to go and should fit no sweat.

ilikebeaverandboats 10-07-2010 5:03 PM

I like the first one. Are you using them to surf or just wakeboard? I have the 1100# ones that look just like these and im real happy with them, real well made and the new fittings are pretty slick!

do you have the old waterbed fittings on your old sacks? if you do you'll need to get the right fittings to switch over.

twelve02 10-07-2010 5:13 PM

We wakeboard mostly and want to surf as well. I have old fat sacs, so I think I will need the newer fittings. The height and width aren't a problem, the one locker has a battery box in it so it makes the locker shorter than the other one.

ilikebeaverandboats 10-07-2010 5:20 PM

I wouldnt worry about the batter box. just fill it up and make sure its not going to rip or tear on anything. Let me dig around a little and I can dig up the part numbers of the fittings need. im assuming you have the 3/4" tubing?

ilikebeaverandboats 10-07-2010 5:31 PM

(4) W742
(4) W736
Heres are a few pictures of my set up.


this is what I ordered. you will need 2 of each for each sack. These are the threaded piece that attaches to the sack and then the piece that attaches to the hose. The new quick connect system is really cool. since we only surf, we use the fitting from the non surfside sack on an extra piece of hose that has the old waterbed fittings on the opposite end, to fill our old sacks we put on the seats, this way we still use the same pumps.

twelve02 10-07-2010 7:36 PM

Yes, my hoses are 3/4". All the plumbing is in, I just need to fine tune everything with the new sacs. I see people with amazing surf wakes and I know that the Sangers produce some of the best wakes as well. I've got the wake for wakeboarding perfect, it's super long, great shape and stiff now I want to get a great surf wake as well.

Here are my lockers, they are pretty large, so perhaps you guys are right, I should probably go with the 2 750's.


ilikebeaverandboats 10-07-2010 7:38 PM

yea go with the 750's! save your old sacks and then you can move them around to help with the wave.

twelve02 10-07-2010 7:46 PM

I'm gonna use one of the 500's in the front ski locker, I have a 650 there now, but it's leaking, so I'll have plenty of weight now with the 2 new bags. Thanks Joey for the pics of your setup.

ilikebeaverandboats 10-07-2010 7:50 PM

no problemo. if you need any help shoot me a pm, sounds like you got it tho!! 750's should fit like a charm. they make patch kits for those sacks that are basically bike tire patches, so if you need to fix the leaking one thats always an option.

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