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sexyws6mama 10-07-2010 11:08 AM

Oneill Bahia Wetsuit
Does anyone have the Oneill Women's Bahia 3/2 Full Wetsuit? I noticed it's the thinnest neoprene, but does it supply any warmth??

I have the Oneill Neoprene tops and Oneill Bahia Shorty and really didn't want another brand since I know how Oneill fits me. I bought a Rip Curl full wetsuit and it's now too small for me.

wakemitch 10-07-2010 1:13 PM

What water temp are you planning on riding in?

My girlfriend has the D-Lux 4/3 and loves it. its thicker but it is still way more flexible than the bahia 3/2. it is also much warmer because the seams have a fluid seam weld which does not flush water like the stitched seams of the bahia. If youa rent riding in that cold of water the D-Lux 3/2 would be good.

The bahia 3/2 is quite a bit cheaper though. The big differences are that the seams can get itchy and they let water in because they are just flatlock stitched seams. It is also a bit more restrictive and not as flexible.

sexyws6mama 10-09-2010 8:06 AM


I ended up getting the Kassia Meador Roxy Cypher Woman's 3/2mm Full Wetsuit Limited Edition

Thickness: 3/2mm
Temp: 56F & Up
Activities: Surf, Dive, Wind, Multi
Seams: Glued & Blindstitched
Length: Full
Wrist/Ankle: Beadlock Seal
Internal: Bio Fleece
Blue 2mm Fiberlite Neoprene
Purple 3mm Fiberlite Neoprene

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