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SangerTom 10-04-2010 1:54 PM

Speaker Covers
I'm getting the boat ready for winter hibernation :(. The speakers are in a box on the tower. Anyone make or buy a cover for them to keep the rain out? I've seen the can covers but they won't work.

My wife bought some marine fabric and is going to make something - we are looking for ideas

10-04-2010 2:23 PM

if you won't be using it bring the speakers inside, but if you don't want to do that order some speaker sox.

bill_airjunky 10-04-2010 2:45 PM

I have a buddy who has 2 of the big NVS tower speakers on his Titan III. He wasn't able to find a pre-made cover for them. So he got some Sunbrella, cut & pinned a couple of covers over the whole thing, then took them in & had someone sew them up with velcro on the openings. Works fine if all he wants to do is cover them while the boat is parked. They don't fit tight enough to drive very fast though.

10-04-2010 2:47 PM

speaker sox are sound transparent and provide uv protection. my 3 year old speakers look out of the box new.

david_e_m 10-04-2010 3:10 PM

Its always nice to go with the pre-made covers if available. It is important that you use a material that breathes or you can have some serious mold and mildew problems just like the early protective bras used on the nose of a vehicle. This can permanently pit and damage just about any finish. Materials like Sunbrella fabrics are safe.
Earmark Marine

SangerTom 10-04-2010 3:56 PM

Speaker Covers
Thanks for the ideas! The sox won't work because of the shape of the box. Thanks for the tip on breathing. My wife got some mesh to put in at the bottom (theory that the rain won't rain up - I know my edumacation paid off). She was going to use sunbrella but switched to marine fabric thinking that it would repel the water better + the mesh should allow it to breath.

Will post a picture when she finishes them.

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