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roughrivermike 09-30-2010 6:15 AM

tripod on the boat
Does anyone use a tripod while shooting video from the boat? The HD video cameras are so small nowadays that its hard not to get shakey video. I use the image stabilization, but still not smooth. I was going to try a tripod this weekend.

mattgettel 09-30-2010 6:50 AM

I have found that weight is the best way to help me stay steady. I took a thin piece of steel we had laying around the shop and drilled a hole in it. Then I sprayed it with under body paint with rubber chunks in it. I countersunk the hole so i can bolt it to my camera and the bottom is still flush. It works pretty well. (this was only partly my idea as i have seen it recommended on other video forums around the net)

benbuchholz 09-30-2010 7:48 AM

No, a tripod wont work. Every bump the boat takes is going to transfer to the camera. Mess around with different ways to hold the camera, or sit in the boat. I usually just hold the camera with two hands and actively absorb the boat movement, almost like my arms are shocks for the camera. As odd as it might sound. The weight suggestion above is a good one too

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