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dahmsy686 09-27-2010 11:57 AM

Commuter Car...3 choices
I am looking for car to drive to work. I am looking at the 2010 Honda Civic LX, 2010 Ford Focus SES and the 2010 Mazda 3 Sedan. I chose these cars because I am familiar with them and they all have 0% for 60 month financing (no i cant pay cash). The honda has 0.9 % for 60 months. The Civic and the Focus have similar milage, 24/25 city and 34/35 highway.

Does anyone have any experience with these vehicles and what do you have to say about them. Also what sort of mileage are you getting. My commute is not long but i currently drive a 1999 dodge durango and average about 13 mpg's!!!

I drive about 40 miles round trip so not long but 13 mpg's vs 30 would be a nice change.

magic 09-27-2010 12:02 PM

For commuting, why new over used? I'm starting to think about this my self, been looking at used, but kinda stumped on what I want.

dahmsy686 09-27-2010 12:08 PM

New vs' Used? I guess I am a new car guy. I also keep my vehicles for a long time. Im thinking new because of the 0% for 60 months. I know I can get 4.5% for 60 months at my local CU. Other reason would be warranty. I have not had bad luck on used cars but I dont want to know what it is like.

hco 09-27-2010 12:35 PM

buy a used mazda 3 speed. Enough zip to not make you hate the car, decent room, cheap, reliable, not any bad things about it.

acurtis_ttu 09-27-2010 12:53 PM

My commuter was a 2006 Honda civic LX. loved it. I averaged about 36 mpg in it. I commuted about 70 miles roundtrip. I'ma tall guy, 6'3" car was roomy and comfortable even for me. I was very impressed.Only reason I sold it was bc my wife got a company car for work. I coudlnt' justify haviing 3 cars.....and need a truck ( tahoe) for towing.

jarrod 09-27-2010 2:08 PM

" I chose these cars because I am familiar with them and they all have 0% for 60 month financing "

dahmsy686 09-27-2010 2:21 PM

Anyone driven the 2010 Focus SES? Im leaning towards this due to the price being lower than the civic and for what you get on the Focus compared to the Civic.

wakeboardingdad 09-27-2010 5:52 PM

Go Honda and go used. Interest rates are cheap and the Honda is good for 300K. I "think" you'll make up the difference of the cheap interest rate on new. Probably more. Also, check the resale of the Honda. I think you'll come out better there too. New is nice, and I am one who keeps a car forever, which is someone who "should" buy new, but I'm going used myself next year, unless gas goes up sooner. If it does, I'll be looking for the '06 to '08 Accord a little sooner.

jetskiprosx 09-27-2010 7:33 PM

Not sure where you are from, but if you have any snow/ice or lots of rain I would throw the Subaru Impreza in that mix. If you don't have any need for AWD then I think just about any of those would be good choices. Seems like the Mazda and Ford would be cheaper then the Honda?

I commuted for almost 2 years, 100+ miles round trip, in my 92' civic and could get 40MPG if I drove slow enough. It's a crappy car, rattles, has no power, is loud on the freeway, etc...but it got great mileage and never gave me any problems. I'll always be a Honda fan for how well this old POS has held up. I now drive it about 10 miles round trip and can't see replacing it until it kicks the bucket.

sidekicknicholas 09-27-2010 7:45 PM

I've owned 2 civics (not the new body style though)
and my brother has owned a mazda 3 (old style too).... and between those I would for sure go civic over mazda. The new mazdas are fugly with that smiley bumper.

My civic stats -
2000 bought with 139k - I sold it for $500 less than I paid 4 years later with 200k -- I put exactly $0.00 into that car besides gas and oil changes.
-- also would consistantly get 38.X mpgs.... car was awesome.

The other civic i didn't own long (only 3 months and 7k miles) - but that was complete perfect too.

cadunkle 09-28-2010 5:37 PM

Of those three it's a no brainer... Get the Ford, they're the only red blooded American car company left. Government Motors may as well be calledLada, same for Mopar.

Now personally I don't think it amkes sense to buy a new car, particularly if you're looking for something fuel efficient for a long drive or wahtever to "save money". You can get a nice econobox for under $1000, and have something nice to drive around town or when you want to go out, pull the boat, cruise nights, whatever. New cars don't really get that great MPG either.

A few years back I bought a '63 Falcon in damn nice condition for $800 from an old man who took good care of it, 144 six banger and 3 on the tree. That car got low 30's on the highway at 75 MPH, with no overdrive. Plan was to put a 5 speed in it since I wasn't crazy about no syncros in first gear. I was gunning for 40 MPG but unfortunately some prick slammed into me and totaled it. That car got better MPG than the Honda Prelude I replaced it with, and was much more roomy and comfortable inside (I'm tall, 6'4"), and the GM 4 banger econobox I replaced the Prelude with. Point is, after that Falcon I was never impressed with new econoboxes or fuel injection.

Anyhow, I suppose my point is, if you want a cheap commuted car to save on gas just pick up some old 4 or 6 banger with a stickshift, pre-emissions will get better MPG and be cheaper to maintain. You can get econoboxes from the 60s through 90s for under $1000 all day long. For me, my money is better spent on my toys, be it the car, truck bike, boat, etc.

acurtis_ttu 09-29-2010 8:46 AM

^^^^ When I was looking at commuters, I was originally gonna buy a really cheap older civic. I looked at one and decided against something so old. for something I planned to spend 2-3 hours every day in, I coudltn' see myself tryin to save a few bucks and sacrifice major comfort. Secondly and most impotantly....i felt like I was in a death trap in that older civic. The newer cars ( civics too) are much safer.

I coudl just imagine my funeral, lol......Adam tried to save a few bucks and bought a car for $1k,....now he's dead.....my life is worth a bit more..hahaha

hatepain 09-29-2010 10:21 AM

Obviously I like the Ford for a couple reasons. Bang for your buck, you get a ton for the money with the Focus I recently sold one with SYNC, roof, leather and heated seats for $16k ( you wouldn't quite see this deal as you'd be choosing the financing option). J.D. powers named it highest ranked compact car for initial quality in 2010. More horespower at 140 but still acheiving 35mpg (highway). Its very safe with advance trac, 6 air bags and 4 wheel ABS. Fords and American owned company ;)

ttrigo 09-29-2010 10:45 AM

270k and going strong on our 98' civic. we will drive it till it dies.
our mechanic actually offered us like $2000 for it a year ago when we brought it in for new brakes. he wanted a car for his kid, and we were contemplating selling it at the time.

dahmsy686 09-29-2010 1:11 PM

Hate, you are right about bang for your buck. Plust the '10 focus looks sharp with the grey rims. Im assuming you have driven the Focus, Any experience with it on the snow? Advance trac does that help? What are you customers saying about the mileage?

I wont be buying a car for $1,000 bucks. Wouldnt want to put my child in it. If i was a single guy and in need of a ride i would consider it.

My wife and I are going to get out and test drive the focus and the civic this weekend. Right now the focus is ahead due to what we can get for the money.

Patrick, Subarus are nice but im not interested in the base impreza. Only one i would get would be an STI and that is not in my price range at the moment.

bcoppinger 09-30-2010 12:21 PM

Golf TDI?

09-30-2010 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by bcoppinger (Post 1637213)
Golf TDI?

I was always a cheerleader for the VW TDI's and figured I would end up buying a new Jetta TDI (this was a couple years ago). Anyhow, my neighbor beat me to it, and boy do I feel lucky! His TDI has been a total piece of garbage. Actually, the engine has been great, but the rest of the car is literally falling apart! The entire bumper fascia came off the other day and he then of course, he ran it over. It was held on with four little plastic clips and all four clips broke in the exact same spot.

hatepain 09-30-2010 12:51 PM


Advance trac does that help? What are you customers saying about the mileage?
Advanctrac helps with roll and yaw not grip so much so starting in snow isn't assisted by it but staying true on your course is. To be honest we don't hear much from customers regarding fuel economy on the cars that are suppose to get good numbers. I think of this as a good thing, they'd be telling us if they were getting bad numbers. We are more likely to get reports on the Mustang or desiels when they are getting better or worse than expected.

Sam, Jetta's have a tendancy to do that. WIsh they didn't because they're pretty cool cars for a good price/lease but they're not worth the headache they often present.

bhyatt_ohp 09-30-2010 1:32 PM

Most VW's need more love than your normal beater commuter, but they normally return the favor in being much more fun to drive and have more power (1.8t, VR6, TDI, etc.). I know several people with 200k+ on TDI's and get 50mpg with software. They love them.

Working a brief stint for a local Ford dealer a couple of years back, I would NEVER own a Ford Focus. I would probably go with Honda for reliability, mild performance and comfort.

sidekicknicholas 09-30-2010 1:51 PM

Not on your list - but what about the new Honda CRZ ? Kinda fugly (has the old moonrocket look)
but its like 20k brand new and is hybrid... might be worth looking into

jarrod 09-30-2010 2:16 PM

"The entire bumper fascia came off the other day and he then of course, he ran it over. It was held on with four little plastic clips and all four clips broke in the exact same spot. "

Catch it on packing blocks maybe?

My VWs have been solid. They usual visit the shop once ever two years for a bad sensor or somthing minor that makes a CE light come on.

guido 09-30-2010 3:39 PM

Most cars are only as good as the people that own them. I've seen high mileage cars that are amazingly cherry and trouble free and low mileage cars that belong in the junkyard.

hatepain 10-01-2010 8:42 AM


Working a brief stint for a local Ford dealer a couple of years back, I would NEVER own a Ford Focus. I would probably go with Honda for reliability, mild performance and comfort.
They've improved by leaps and bounds since your "brief" stint. I'll say again for 2010 J. D. Powers best in class. I sell them to people that compare what they can buy in a Civic versus what they can buy in a Focus all the time.


Catch it on packing blocks maybe?
Still shouldn't fall up

wakecumberland 10-01-2010 12:39 PM

I have an 06 Jetta TDI that has been virtually flawless. They replaced my headunit and 2 auto window buttons b/c the coating came off about 40,000 miles ago. Nothing since. I do all the maintenece my self, which is essential with VWs as most dealers are pathetic! My lifetime average is 42 mpg combined. Best was 49. Best: 49.37 and worst 33.38(my wife sometimes forgets about 5th gear :rolleyes:)

wakeboardingdad 10-01-2010 1:42 PM


Originally Posted by wakecumberland (Post 1637510)
(my wife sometimes forgets about 5th gear :rolleyes:)

She must be blonde..... :D

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