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leaks 09-23-2010 8:12 AM

Happy Birthday Surf Dad !!
Hey; Everyone needs to join in and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our on Surf Dad Jeff Walker. Lets face it, Jeff has done soooo much for the Wakesurfing community. Without Jeff doing so much posotive promotion for the industry, who knows, what we would be surfing on.

"Old guys rule"

Soulcraft 09-23-2010 9:22 AM

Happy B-Day Jeff, Hope you have a great day.......

lionel 09-23-2010 9:40 AM

Happy B-Day Jeff, stoked to ride the new board this weekend! Thanks for progressing the sport. I challenge you to keep progressing by your next birthday :)

ragboy 09-23-2010 9:46 AM

Happy Bithday Jeff! Isn't it Jeff's AND Chase's birthday today? If so, happy birthday Chase Hazen also!

leaks 09-23-2010 9:55 AM

Yup, Chase's Birthday as well. Happy birthday bro !!

surfdad 09-23-2010 11:47 AM

Thanks guys! Yeah, I saw that Chase's b-day is today, he's 20 - I can't even remember being 20. Can I take a different challenge - you know like increase my frequency or duration of naps?

Thanks again, very nice of all of you to remember my b-day!

mattgettel 09-23-2010 12:02 PM

happy b-day!

wofrankwo 09-23-2010 12:31 PM

happy birthday sir jeff !!

jdjjamesz 09-23-2010 1:29 PM

happy birthday jeff..:)

tonyv420 09-23-2010 1:51 PM

Happy birthday old man! Old guys born in Sept. rule!

dennish 09-23-2010 4:50 PM

Happy birthday Jeff No candles on the boat this weekend. Still extreme fire hazard at Hogan.

surfdad 09-23-2010 4:54 PM

LOL Dennis that's funny. Hey thanks to you too Matt, Frank, DJ and Tony. I appreciate you guys wishing me a happy b-day.

brewkettle 09-23-2010 6:00 PM

Happy birthday old man , keep that hat on and that face smiling

bigshow 09-23-2010 7:45 PM

Time to make a new wakesurf division for Jeff? Easy chair division maybe? Have a good one Jeff!

wakeboardingdad 09-24-2010 7:42 AM


Originally Posted by leaks (Post 1635435)
"Old guys rule"

Yes. We do. :D

Happy Birthday Jeff! Again, congrats on you business.

bac 09-24-2010 8:06 AM

Hope you had a good birthday Jeff!

surfdad 09-25-2010 7:02 AM

@ Bigshow - I'm 100% on that division: longest and most frequent naps is declared the winner! :) Thanks everyone for the well-wishes, it's good to have so many caring friends. I hope everyone has a great weekend! And again, thanks for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday, it means a lot.

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