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wakereviews 09-21-2010 3:08 PM

First board
So, last year was the first time I tried snowboarding and of course I loved it. Anyway, i'm looking to purchase a board/bindings/boots this fall and wondered what I should look for. I have no CLUE about which ones to get.

I will be riding at places in the midwest where the blow snow. Plus I'm a beginner who is basically carving down the hill but want to progress. I ride a 144 wakeboard and love it and I am 5'8 and about 190 lbs. I was looking into a 158 as I thought that might be the right size.

Any tips, advice... anything would be appreciated. Don't want to spend a fortune either, so something reasonable, maybe an entry level or intermediate that I can use and progress on.


behindtheboat 09-22-2010 7:40 AM

Watch the discount sites if you want to go online, if not, go to that local MW hill and see what demos/2010 product they have left over. Definitely TRY BOOTS ON, and buy them in person. The board and bindings can be bought online. For your experience, you don't need anything fancy, but put the money in the boots if anything.

I would recommend going a bit shorter, like 156cmish, but 158 would be okay. I'm 5'7" 160lbs and ride a 154 for big mountain, and 151cm for the local MW ice hill

wazzy 09-22-2010 9:59 AM

^^ agreed..... but with that being said....

what size boot are you?

I may be able to help.... hit me back at mwwf4u at hotmail dot com

jmuthafnp 09-29-2010 5:46 AM

Capita FK Reverse Camber board, great boards and fairly inexpensive as far as snowboards go. Should help you make the transition from the water to snow pretty easy. Union Bindings are hands down the best, again are fairly inexpensive and have a lifetime warranty and for boots, the best bang for your buck are the 32's in my opinion. Check out all of the companies that I listed and if you see anything you like, let me know, I can set you up with some guys that can take care of you.

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