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stone 09-17-2010 3:26 PM

Wind or No Wind - Crossover Wake/Kite Event
Alright, a bit of blatant marketing since I really want to see this event do well, but a couple of the core wake kiters are putting together a pretty sick crossover event at CWC called the Wind or No Wind Jam happening on December 3rd-12th.

Everyone is welcome. We've put together a special Poacher's Pricing package for anyone that isn't on the invite list to come down and stay and ride at CWC for the 9 days of the event at a discounted rate. There is even the opportunity for Poachers to win the event. Here's a quick rundown:

Cable Comp:
Freeride all day everyday - All riders get to ride and have fun, invited or poacher, we will be documenting everything and having photo sessions every afternoon. In the end of each day we will have a photo review for all the riders.

Kite Comp:

When the wind is up we have a 1 hours freeride session for everyone (invited riders, invited poachers and poachers). Once we all warmed up we go in to the 4 heats of 6 riders of 35minutes each heat. First 2 heats will be the 12 invited riders then followed by 2 heats of invited poachers. After these 4 heats we go back to 1 hour freeride session and all over again with the 4 heats. Anyone can win this comp, if you not in the 24 invited riders you can still win by killing it on the freeride session. Freeriders have to have helmet and the ‘WONW” jersey on to be able to ride in the kite park.

Best Overall Rider- Who is killing it on the cable and kite during the whole event. (1st only)
Best Cable Park rider- Who is killing on the cable. (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
Best Kite Park Riders- Who is killing on the Kite Park (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
Best attitude award- Who been having the best attitude during the event. (1st only)

Photo awards:
Best “Press”- Who got the “press” photo during the event. (1st place kite and 1st place cable)
Best “Grab” Photo- Who got the best “Grab” photo during the event (1st place kite and 1st place cable)
Best “GoPro” Photo- Who got the best image in a GoPro during the event.(1st place overall cable/kite)
Best Over All photo- Who got the best overall photo during the event. (1st, 2nd and 3rd place cable/kite)

If you want to check out the pricing or get any more information about the contest check it out here (registration is required to download the pricing info):
Wind or No Wind Jam

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