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wakeboardern1 09-11-2010 7:14 PM

New camera
So, I'm finally looking at moving past the crappy camera (Canon HG-10) since I upgraded to a computer that can properly handle full HD video mid august (This thing is awesomeeee!). Anyways, I'm looking at the canon xf-300, a sony ex1r, or possibly an older gen HDV canon camcorder. These are the things I'm looking at, but not necessarily what I should go for. So I'm looking for recommendations for a "professional" grade camera. My budget can be anywhere between 2k and 6.5k (I don't want to spend 6.5k, but will if necessary), and I'm hoping for some good recommendations.

This is for shooting primarily wakeboarding related videos, but I will also be doing school news reports and such with the camera.

Thanks guys!

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