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buzz_grande 09-11-2010 9:47 AM

Flowboarding finals today at Wavehouse San Diego
Today at Wavehouse SD, the final qualification competition for the US Team is happening. Many of the top riders in the world will be competing for a spot on the US team. The top 4 riders will be traveling to Wavehouse Singapore next month for the world finals. If you have not seen flowboarding before, there are some amazing riders, and crazy tricks. Everything from a front roll on a strapless board, double backflips on strapped boards, 720,s, front roll on a body board with a 360, etc. These guys and girls go off!

I am heading down probably about 2P, and the comp starts at 4P. Greatest place on the beach. Great weather, great food, great drinks, and a great crowd. Most-importantly, some sick riding. Come on down and check it out!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yea, it's free!

Hit me up.

(619) 573-5534

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