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cadunkle 09-06-2010 4:47 PM

Extended pylon for T pylon?
I just picked up an '89 Supra Saltare this weekend and it has no tower. Was thinking extended pylon for now and maybe in a season or two a tower. Seems like the nicer towers are pretty price at close to $2k, so a few hundred for a pylor would do me well. I also go under a very low bridge most times to get to where I ride so a removable pylon or tower that folds to windshield height would be important.

In any event, the Saltare has a 2.5" pylon with a T to hold the rope up. Doesn't appear welded in or cast as the same piece of the pylon. I tried to support the pylon and hammer the cross bar out but didn't want to move. I may try heating the pylon and hammering, but if no dice I could cut it out. I'dve seen extended pylons that clamp onto the original pylon, though can't find them for sale anywhere. I believe the company was Flight Pipe or Flite Pipe, or something similar. Not sure if they're still around. I'd prefer this type given the T bar but will hammer/press/grind out the T if need be.

In any event, does anyone have a recommendation for an extended pylon? I see Skylon and Fly High seem to the the two big brands. They each have a few models. Not sure what to get, so any recommendations would be welcome.

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