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cadunkle 09-06-2010 12:32 PM

What board to get? Beginner
I'm new to wake surfing. Went behind a friend's boat for the first time this summer and enjoyed it. I just got an inboard so want to get a board and some sacks so I can surf. What board would you guys recommend? I'm 6'4" and about 200 lbs. My friend who would also ride are a bit shorter and lighter than me, but they'll have to make do with whatever works for me.

Don't want to spend a fortune since I just spent a lot (to me anyway) on the boat and still need to get either a pylon or tower, perfect pass, and other goodies.

hawk22 09-07-2010 2:48 PM

I got the hyperlite broadcast 5'6" and it seems to work well for everyone on my boat. Although people will tell you you will outgrow it quickly skill wise and I would probably agree. I just bought it last year and I need a new board. But that being said, it's great board for everyone on the boat

Tommy 10-02-2010 10:41 AM

Don't be afreaid of bigger boards. If you struggle, give me a call. We are starting to see long boards riden some. Bigger guys with smaller wakes need bigger boards. We make a 6'2" board that kills it and has plenty of surface area. The thing I hate about most of the manufactures boards is the hard edge on the front of the board. Now if your just riding on the flats and never push on your toes they are fine for 360's. If you want to cruise and you want to really work your front side, tradional rails are so much more forgiving and in my opinion higher performace. Let me know if you want some photos of other choices. There is a new Duke from Ronix that is reasonable price wise but would still kick ass. Thanks for being on the forum.

Tommy Phillips
Tommy's Slalom Shop

gunz 10-02-2010 12:55 PM

Don't even think about buying a board until you've ridden a few.
I say this from experience.
What works for some,may not work for you at all.
What works behind one boat,may be impossible to ride behind your boat.
As far as the Broadcast goes,yes it works fine......as a bench.;)

craig_f 10-02-2010 8:43 PM

Don't know how things are in New Jersey, but here in the home of Belgian beer (St. Louis Missouri) demoing is not much of an option. The Broadcast 5'6" is an easy, safe, and relatively cheap option. Yes you will outgrow it, but it is great to teach people even after you are done with it. Part of me says get something better, but the other part says get one while you get your wake dialed and learn. Assuming you have figured out how to get a macking wake out of that Saltaire Triple-x had some good deals on there skim style boards (also assuming that you're in to that kinda thing and you don't mind putting your back foot on Che Guvara's face).

murphini 10-20-2010 3:42 PM

I went through the same questions you have on board. There aint demo options readily available in the midwest. I'm 6' 200# and couldn't get the surfing thing until I bought the right board. I had bought a CWB Razr that was too small and I never could surf of it, even with a big wave. I'd get up for maybe 5 seconds and lose the weave. Also Tried a Liquid Force Venture 5'6^Big Board, but it felt slower than molassus.

Then I bought a Inland Surfer Blue Lake. Free surfed the first time. I also have the Inland Surfer Squirt--better for lighter people. You won't regret any of the bigger boards made in america by they guys that know how to do it. The Blue Lake totally made the difference.


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