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kikitlo 09-06-2010 9:03 AM

Bad Fuel Pump
So I was up at New Melones this weekend when my boat suddenly started running rough and came off plane. I shut it off then tried to restart a few seconds later. Nothing. Just cranked and cranked. Was finally able to paddle it back to shore. Next morning removed the air intake to do some trouble shooting and found the shrader valve on the fuel injection line depressed, nothing. Had my friend turn on the ignition while I depressed valve, nothing. Had him crank the engine over while valve was depressed, nothing. Pretty sure the fuel pump is bad.

So my plan at this point is to go the far cheaper route of pulling the pump assembly out and replacing just the carter pump inside rather than the whole $400 unit.

Couple of questions: Boat is a 2007 Malibu Wakesetter 23LSV with 340 Monsoon with 127hrs
Does anyone know the carter p/n or cross refrence #?
Where the hell are all the screws to pull the seat base aprt? How many. Pump stradles half of the rear center seat.
Has anybody done this on this boat?
Doesn't 127 hrs seem a bit early?

kikitlo 09-06-2010 4:51 PM

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So I was able to do some fishing around and found enough of the screws to get the fuel pump assembly out. Found out that there are actually 2 fuel pumps in the assembly. I tested each pump and found that one worked and one did not.

New problem is that I am having difficulty tracking down the fuel pump based on the numbers on the pump itsef. It is a Bosch pum with the numbers:
0 580 453 604 as well as 807 68731.

Does anyone have any additional info? I will try and take the pump to NAPA tomorrow as Autozone was no help @ all. I tried calling Bosch but due to the holiday no answer.

kikitlo 09-08-2010 8:04 PM

Update with more questions,
NAPA was unable to cross refrence anything and after calling Bosch they informed me that they are unble to give me any info as there are proprietary rights to that number. I wanted to do some more troubleshooting just to cover all basis but I was left a bit more confused.

Since both of the pumps are the same I am assuming this is sort of a 2 stage system for high flow demand?
After putting meter leads on the installed pumps, verifying there is no pressure in the line. I turned the key on, even cranking, and saw 0 volts at both pumps. Am I missing something?

I would like to exhaust all possibilities before I either drop the coin on a new assembly, or take it to the dealership. Your help is greatly appreciated.

justintime 09-14-2010 12:11 AM

team mastercraft has a huge thread on this, im not on my computer to find it

paulw 09-14-2010 4:23 AM


Check these out

murphy_smith 09-14-2010 11:28 AM

Is there a relay that may have gone out as well.

meathead65 09-14-2010 11:31 AM

Did you put 12 volts to the pump on the bench to see it it was turning up? You've either got a bad pump, or a bad circuit sending power to the pump. The odds of both happening at once are slim to none.

justintime 09-14-2010 1:00 PM

yes you have a relay for fuel pump
tucked under the shield up front of motor

kikitlo 09-15-2010 12:16 PM

Thanks for your replies guys.

I did see the MC threads with regard to this. Unfortunatly they use a different style pump. I even think it is a different pressure rating. Indmar manual say minimum 60psi @ keyup.

I did bench test each pump with a seperate power source and found 1 pump working while the other did not. Connected directly to the pumps.

Was unaware of the relay. Thank you.

After doing some research, should have been 1st step, the boat is still under warranty. It is @ the dealership being looked at. Will keep you posted. Thanks again.

talltigeguy 09-15-2010 6:16 PM

For those of us MC owners who have wondered in those threads why we don't hear of so many fuel pump failures in other brands, even though they use the same Indmar engine...now you know. The fuel pump setup is not the same. This is the first pic I have ever seen of a Malibu fuel pump module. I posted it on MC owners, but it got no response...go figure.

kikitlo 09-16-2010 8:34 AM

So I got the boat back yesterday and everything is fine I guess. The problem was a blown fuse that was next to the computer that supplied power to the fuel pump. I was unaware that they had fuses. I was told from the dealer when I bought the boat that it had no fuses, only circiut breakers. Cost me $48 to figure that out but @ least it wasn't $400 for a new pump. I tried to ask the mechanic about why they have dual fuel pumps and why one of them does not work when I bench test it. He had no answer. Said since they changed from mechanical pumps they haven't had to change any. I got the boat home and started it up seems fine. I will try to get it out on the water this weekend to really test it out. I am hoping its really fine but the dual pump one not working issue has me wondering about higher fuel demands.

chriskei 12-31-2010 12:05 PM

Where is that fuse located and what did you have to do? i am having the same problem on my 07' wakesetter lsv but i stupidly went and got a new fuel pump first.... so that is 400 down the drain.

kikitlo 12-31-2010 1:19 PM

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So first off I did end up getting the fuel pump replaced under warrenty. I kept blowing fuses. I got no where until I basically got nasty with Malibu directly. The dealership did the work of replacing the entire fuel pump assembly. I was only able to take it out for a few hours after the repair but everything appears to be running normal again. So on that note you may not have purchased the pump for nothing. I am just now coming up on the 3 year warrenty as I purchased it in Jan of 08. Not sure when you bought it but if that is the case you might be able to get Malibu to cover the cost of your pump.

As for the fuse it is located above the tranny attached to the motor. Pull up the rear center seat and it is tucked up kind of high. Looks just like a wire harness.

justintime 12-31-2010 4:30 PM

one is a feed low pressure pump from tank to VST
then you need to pump fuel from the VST up info the fuel pressure regulator, which then regulates the fuel rail pressure and not the fuel pump pressure

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