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cadunkle 09-05-2010 6:43 PM

89 Supra Saltare rudder bearings?
Just picked up an '89 Supra Saltare today. Seems in pretty good condition overall. The rudder is loose though. If I grab it I can rock it back and forth a small amount, the bearings are a bit loose but doesn't seem to leak. I'd like to get new bearings and seal for the rudder. A google search doesn't turn up much. Anyone know a source for these parts? Also any input on the procedure to do this job? This is my first inboard. I'm mechanically inclined and have done body work on cars, rebuilt engines and manual transmissions. Seems like it should be a reasonably straightforward job if I can get the parts.

Bakes 09-05-2010 10:56 PM

I just replaced my rudder (98 Tige). I was very stiff to steer under load but was relatively easy to steer while stopped. I changed out the steering cable and that didn't help so I swapped out my rudder as well. I was a little suprised when my new rudder clunked as well. I went and checked a few rudders at the marina and they all had a little play and clunked (including a 2008 Malibu). Sooooo, based on that I am assuming a little play is normal in the rudder. Don't worry about replacing it unless it is leaky or is stiff.

If you do decide to swap it out, try Marine Hardware. Should run you a little over $500. It was pretty simple to install as well. I removed my water pump for access...otherwise it was very straightforward and easy to do. Seems like a new boat now that it handles so well.

Good Luck

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