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waketowake 09-05-2010 7:36 AM

my sub is sputtering? help!
So the other day i was moving the wires around to make my set up look a little cleaner, and my sup started to make the sputtering sound. You can still here the bass theres just a sputter with it. I moved the wires back to normal, and it still made the sound. The set up is a JL audio M10IB5 CG WH 10" powered by a memphis 1600 its 250w at 4 ohms, and thats what i have it set at... so hopefully its not blown.

david_e_m 09-05-2010 8:05 AM

There are two connections on any woofer where it can play intermittently at a high rate. One is the terminal post to braided wire and the other is the braided wire to voice coil connection. While the woofer is playing carefully restrict its motion by appling pressure to the cone with your hand. If the noise stops because the woofer is now playng continuously without interruption then you can be relatively certain that the issue is one of these points. If it remains then start looking elsewhere. Thats the best I can do from your description.

Earmark Marine

882001 09-05-2010 9:23 AM

does the cone move freely? or is it scratchy?

waketowake 09-05-2010 10:23 AM

yeas the cone is moving, and it is kinda scratchy.

david_e_m 09-05-2010 11:52 AM

If its scratchy then another test is without the woofer playing carefully push in on the cone and listen/feel for the voice coil rubbing in the motor gap. This would be an indication of a burnt voice coil or a bent former in some speakers. You have to do this in a balanced and centered manner so that your action is not actually the cause of the contact as there is already a minimal tolerance.

Earmark Marine

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