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corbin 09-04-2010 8:52 AM

Sanger Owners Ballast question
I got two Arial 550 sacs for my birthday last weekend and I can't wait to use them tomorrow. My plan is to have one sac on either side of the engine hump (direct drive) and then place one 350 under the deck up forward and then one 350 on the deck right above it. In the end I'm sure I won't be able to have all of the sacs completely full but I'm hoping to have around 500lbs up front and 7-800 pounds on either side of the engine. Plus maybe a little in the stock ballast under the rear seat (sometimes it doesn't work, it's finicky) Is this too much weight? I'm hoping to make my surf wake longer. With the two 350s in the back corner the wake was right behind the boat, So I"m adding 550 evenly in the back and putting the two 350s up front.

corbin 09-04-2010 8:58 AM

Oh yea... My boat is a 21ft SangAir direct drive, guess that's important info to include!

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