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johnny_d 09-03-2010 4:55 PM

which boat? need some info/help
so i wanted to know some info on these boats and what will make the best wake, quality, reliable etc...

2002 CENTURION 20' ECLIPSE V-DRIVE -- CYCLONE STORM PACKAGE for 24995 with 10 hours on a new engine.

2001 super air nautique/air nautique one is 22500 and the other is 19000. both have 200-300 hours

i also saw some MB sport b-52's around the same price in the years 1999-2002

also sanger 210v and its a 2004 and they want 24000

thanks for any help.

Jeff 09-03-2010 5:27 PM

I'd go for the Super Air Nautique over all of those. The B52 is a direct drive, right?

You didn't mention the original hours on the Centurion. I assume it's either high or is problematic since it needed a new engine. The transmission and the rest of the boat has more than 10 hrs on it. It's a foot shorter than the SAN too.

nautiquesonly 09-03-2010 5:43 PM

I would go with the SAN all day long. I had a 2000 and that boat was awesome. We ran it to death and it held its value great for me. We sold it with prob about 900 or so hours without a single issue besides a starter. Just use caution those older SANS had problematic digital gauges where the hour meters reset to 0. When the new gauge was put in you had a new boat. If the tach is a different color than the rest of the other gauges it's a dead give away. Mine went out when the boat had about 300 hours and the warranty replacement was grey as telex didn't make the black anymore. Just make sure to ask about that because Most people probably won't be honest. I disclosed it when I sold mine. I have used my 07 hardly at all and bought it at the end of 07 and it has 140 hours. 2-300 hours on a 10 year old boat sounds suspicious. You cannot check hours even with a scanner on a gt40 so deffinatly have a mechanic check out whatever you are gonna buy. Good Luck you will love the SAN

johnny_d 09-03-2010 6:54 PM

here the link to one of the boats. i wanna get a SAN because i love CC and i have always heard great things about them. it has 381 hours btw. the other nautique is more money and is also a direct drive and has lower hours.

johnny_d 09-03-2010 6:57 PM


theres is also this master craft --- http://www.boattrader.com/listing/20...enbow-97369295

Jeff 09-03-2010 7:57 PM

The SAN seems like a much better value than the ProStar. It's hard to say without seeing both though.

I think the prostar bow seating will be a bit better for adults than the SAN though.

johnny_d 09-03-2010 8:07 PM


Originally Posted by johnny_d (Post 1630055)
here the link to one of the boats. i wanna get a SAN because i love CC and i have always heard great things about them. it has 381 hours btw. the other nautique is more money and is also a direct drive and has lower hours.

does the digital hours look like a replaced one in the photo of the SAN or is that what a stock one looks like?

brett564 09-04-2010 12:29 AM

The 2001 SANs are awesome. I would go for that. I have riden in many 01 and 02 SANs and have been really happy.

SeedlessOne 09-04-2010 8:32 AM

Okay next issue. Are there any inboards that are more open like the CSX? I don want a center console but something not in the layout of a traditional ski boat? Its hard finding a boat that the wifey likes as well. She loved the CSX as I was showing her a video review of it. The whole time she is watching she is all "lets buy this one"!!! LOL then the price was talked about... her jaw hit the floor. But like I said my budget is 20k. It something is tad tad out of reach but worth it I may extend my budget.

john_d 09-04-2010 10:25 AM

John D,
Check out the attached link. I have a bunch of pictures if you are interested.


nautiquesonly 09-06-2010 10:44 AM

That SAN looks like a good deal. The perfect pass hours should be accurate unless the owner added it at a later date. The gauges have already been switched to analog type. In a case like this ask if the Perfect pass is original and if hours are accurate. You have to take the guy at his word.

johnny_d 09-06-2010 4:27 PM

john d> that is a very nice x-star, but 27k is out of my range. but good luck on the sale im sure someone will pick that up soon.

is there a way to tell is the perfect pass is factory other then the guys "word". i prob going to stick with a SAN, unless i find a better deal on a different boat. also when is the best time to buy a boat? i looking to buy around jan, or feb. of 2011

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