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ord27 09-03-2010 9:41 AM

Oklahoma Flagstone
I have some major yard renovations that I want to do. Among the many projects is installing some Oklahoma flagstone. Some will cover the existing sidewalk and front porch. Other areas are currently dirt.

I understand that I can match the 2 areas using thin and thick pieces.

My question is: I have several tile setting projects under my belt, but have never worked with stone.
Would you guys recommend attempting it, or just hire it out?

I can get the rock for the front of the house for about $1500. I have 2 bids of around $3500 that includes rock and labor.

09-05-2010 7:02 AM

Some people down the street from me had an old railroad tie retaining wall torn out and replaced with stone. The dudes took a pile of rocks and turned it into an awesome architectural detail. It took them about a week total. Definitely a lot of skill involved - not something I would even try on my own as I know mine would look like ass.

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