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Bakes 09-02-2010 5:51 PM

How much play should there be in the rudder?
So I swapped out my steering cable and my steering was still very stiff. Especially when turning to the left under load (it moves easily when not loaded). I greased it up and still no improvement. I give the rudder a few pulls and it has a little play in it...it moves a millimeter or so any direction and finishes with a little clunk. Thinking that isn't right and indicates excessive wear, I buy a new rudder assembly (rudder and rudder box) from marine hardware. I throw it in and it still has a little play in it. I can still get it to clunk a little when I wiggle it. Is this normal?

Anyways, just looking to understand what normal is before I put it all back together. I can't lake test it until tomorrow afternoon when the sealant is fully cured.



98 Tige 2200V

Bakes 09-03-2010 7:01 PM

It's normal or at least very common. Checked the rudders on a few different boats today and they all clunked a little. New malibus included. Anyways, she handles like a dream now. Amazing the difference a new cable and new rudder will make.

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