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rsbminn 09-02-2010 12:55 PM

Recommend some wakeskates.
This was my first year wakeskating. My brother had a liquid force faction 44 in. I've been looking at getting a new board that fit me better and wasnt an entry level wakeskate. I am mainly being pulled behind a waverunner, so basically its skate tricks for me , but we also have a searay so I would try doing wake to wake jumps and all. I have been looking at the byerly blend and the liquid force sst. Im interested in bi-levels. I weigh 135 and im 5'10". Bottem line- I want a wakeskate that gets great ollies for the pop shuvit i have been trying to land. I want this board to be really good so after a year of using it I wont want to get a new one. I'd like to have the price under 300$ but I also want a quality board. Thanks.

09-09-2010 1:51 AM

the two biggest choices are:grip or foam and single or bi level. i personally hate bi-levels. i try and try and just can't enjoy how they ride. the liquid force SST is the best"bi level" i think. as for regular concave skates take a look at remote, byerly, and integrity. wood decks won't last as long but have a great feel. remote is rider owned and made in usa. i'd look at something between 39-41 for size.

john211 09-09-2010 4:18 PM

Yeah Wakemitch and whoever else wants to chime in (I’m rarely on this forum but I will follow this thread), would someone provide (or link to) a generalized overview of wakeskates (and hopefully, w/o discrediting any).

I wakeboard and, a long time back, my wake shop gave me (ok, ‘sold’ me for whatever I hid in my hand ... a $20 bill) a heavily-used 2003 Kampus (either a 7-ply or 9-ply).

With that board, various people who ride with me really enjoyed the novelty of wakeskating. So later on I upgraded to an SST bi-level. And ... it’s only me now who will pull it out to give it a whirl. There’s just something with its ride that is ... that is what? ... too advanced for non-core riders?

Anyway, I wakeboard on a tracking board (06 Murray). A number of us liked the Kampus (go figure, but there were several), albeit it was the size of a postage stamp. So now I figure I’d like to get a wakeskate that non-core riders would like and would feel thrilled to pop an ollie shuvit or so now and then. (I had one youngster clear the wake on the Kampus, but I doubt many of us will attempt wake-to-wake. Nevertheless, if such another wakeskate feels goods, then why not?)

rsbminn 09-09-2010 5:39 PM

Thanks for reponding, and It doesnt matter between foam or grip. I've heard that alot of people hate bi-levels. So Im hesitent to blow 250$ on the hyperlite blend. I have often thought about buying the integrity wakeskates, but as I look at their boards online they are all around 400$ which is way out of my spending range. And the brand remote has no websites so Im not sure how Id be able to buy one of those wakeskates. I'm wanting to order a wakeskate on evogear.com so I can get a great price on a quality board, but all of the wakeskates on the site are wakeboard brands, which i have heard is wakeboard brands have horrible wakeskates. I just want a wakeskate that can get some good ollies, and a shorter board, so i can finally land a pop shuvit. And John211, this site has decent board information in the gear section.

eviltweak 09-09-2010 7:54 PM

I guess i lost my site credibility by not posting for awhile haha. If you've got 300$ to spend i would go for a remote. Size is all preference Wakemitch and I both ride the same board 2010 integrity 38.65. I'm 6 to 6 foot 1 depending on who is measuring and weigh around 140, Im gonna guess Mitch's size and say he is around 5 foot 9 and about 160ish(he will come on here and correct me i'm sure of it) so that's a considerable size difference. We both prefer short boards and that seems to be what the majority of wakeskating prefers right now too.

Same with you John i would say go for remote if you already had a kampus and liked the wood feel.
As for ordering remotes well pretty much all of the wake scene is at expo this weekend and toe jam when they get back i would suggest giving Austin at the liquid playground a call 408 435-8088. Hes a cool dude. Tell him eviltweak sent you haha. If he doesn't have them in stock he will probably order them for you.

rsbminn 09-09-2010 8:16 PM

So there isnt like a site that tells you all the different boards for remote or anything? and yeah, im looking to get a wayyy smaller board for my size

wakemitch 09-11-2010 2:45 PM

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Riley, for $250 pick up a remote. They have 3 boards. all the same deck just diffrent sizes. The new run of boards has 4 sizes:39.5, 40, 40.5, and 41.

Size is totally up to you as the guys have said, but i would put you on the 39.5" if you came to my shop.

Remote only has a blog site, but wakeskating.com has some good info on theskates. I even wrote a pretty in depth review on the site for the boards.
The basics:
very fast boards. most wood decks have a lot of drag, these do not
deep bowled concave. small flat spot so your foot is really on the concave giving you more control.

rsbminn 09-12-2010 3:09 PM

Yeah, I'm really leaning on getting a remote. I'm not going to rush into it because I have 9 months before summer. So your saying they have 3 different boards, are they all they same or are they different. And I'm forsure going to get a 39.5 or a 40. Would a shorter board make pop shuvits much easier? The 44in. board I use seems hard to spin, and the ollies seem really low. Now If I were to get a bi-level though, does remote, cassette, or integrity make any, and if not are hyperlite blend or liguid force sst's good? Or are would you stray away from bi- levels?

rsbminn 09-12-2010 3:10 PM

And I'm diggin the remote graphics up there. So awesome. And there wouldnt possibly be a dealer with remote wakeskates in minnesota, would there?

09-12-2010 3:32 PM

all remotes boards and made the same, but are slightly different in dimensions. i.e. concave, length, width, etc. you can buy them at buywake.com or alot of the other good web stores, but production has been slow going so you have to keep checking.

wakemitch 09-12-2010 6:45 PM

Riley, they board are the exact same just scaled to different sizes.

i dont think you should waste your money on a bilevel in my opinion.

rsbminn 09-12-2010 7:03 PM

ok cool sounds good. And yeah most people say don't buy a bilevel. So I'm thinking I will not go that route. I've found a couple remotes on websites.

liveoz 09-16-2010 4:04 PM

If you are riding behind a boat and like to do wake tricks and want geat board control or have a skating background, the bi-level is a good board. I ride the Byerly and think it feels great. There are great riders on the Integrity and remote team, but there are also riders on Ronix, Byerly, and Hype that can ride circles around any of us on these forums. It would be nice if you could get on a few boards and see what you like. There is a huge difference in the way wakeskates ride and respond and i am still learning. I really want to get on an integrity as I improve to see if I should stick with the bi level, I do like w2w tricks or if I should move to a more traditional board, i want to learn shuvs, kickflips, etc... Maybe one board for boat and another for shuvs and kickflips. Man Skating is addicting!

rsbminn 09-16-2010 7:17 PM

Yes it is quite addicting. And finally someone who likes the byerly bi-levels. I feel people either really hate bilevels or really like them. So does the byerly seem like a more w2w jumping wakeskate or is it good for skatetricks, cuz thats mainly what I want in a board. I'd love to test out boards, but being its fall now here in Minnesota, thats not going to happen. the blend is on evo.com for 217$ and its a 400$ board.. Im not going to get it cuz i have a long time before i need to make a choice, but thats a great price.

liveoz 09-17-2010 11:12 AM

I think the blend fits me for two reasons, the Bi level allows a very realistic concave deck which I like and it tracks a bit more like a wakeboard, which has been my primary hobby the last 10 years. I think the bi level has allowed me to transition into wakeskating and enjoy it more. I am able to ride behind my boat (w2w) because it tracks so well and it is really easy to ollie. It will probably take another season to see if this board will be a transitional board from one sport to the other or if it is just best suited to me and I will be riding bi levels from here on out.

rsbminn 09-17-2010 4:49 PM

Yeah the board sounds like a great board for w2w tricks and all, which i have a boat for that. Im hoping for it to be a good wakeskate for skate tricks

09-22-2010 9:40 PM

you can do any trick on any board be it single or bi-level. i feel like bi-levels raise my center of gravity too much. i like little between my feet and the water.

wakelab 02-22-2011 11:29 PM

There is a SST 42 on ebay for 169

SLWK 02-24-2011 4:57 PM

ive ridden bi levels since the cassettes, and when i first jumped on one it was a big difference, i broke a few cassettes, rode a duce pop the rep gave me, and i now have a 2010 sst 40.5, i was out one day without my sst and jumped on a normal skate and it was refreshing, i forgot how nice it is to be close to the water..

so i guess in the end i like both, i would like the sst to be have more flex in the top deck, thats why i loved the cassettes so much. but until my sst breaks i'll stick with it. and i'll then get a remote or maybe a water monster?? hopefully they'll have decks out by then.

ridersunited 02-08-2012 5:17 PM

Hey Riley, check out the Liquid Force Obscura Travis Doran 40.5. It's a wood skate with a griptape, concave top. It's the latest addition to my quiver and I love it! Long enough to ride behind the boat on a big wake (weighted Super Air Nautique 210), but still short enough to manipulate if you ride a lot of PWC and tend to focus more on lip and flip tricks. Best part is it's in you're price range, $199. Boom! Check out the whole line up at: http://www.liquidforce.com/wakeskates.html.

yeahhh 03-21-2012 11:57 AM

I love my BYERLY Heritage 40

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