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camsask 08-13-2003 7:07 PM

what angle would you suggest to take for big air?....90deg. edging through or a litttle less...

buttacup 08-13-2003 7:43 PM

Try reading Trick Tips on progressive edge and going wake to wake.

mayday48 08-15-2003 9:26 PM

progressive edge, man... cant stress that enough

thelakeisglass 08-16-2003 8:06 AM

The last Wakeboarding Magazine has a great article on getting air

08-17-2003 5:42 PM

If you edge too hard (i.e. 90 degrees to the boat) you will get pulled off of your edge and will flatten out the board. You will go up b/c you are going fast but to get real air you need to edge up the wake which means a lot less than 90 degrees (exception: Darin Shapiro when doing a raley). Get Higher Education and watch the angles the pro's take.

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