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csaidler 08-31-2010 8:30 AM

won the new obscuraa sst hampson from Boardco.com
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Hey. I won this new wakeskate from boardco.com and its pretty sweet. It's signed by Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson and Grant Roberts. I took it out this weekend and and I'm trying to get my bearings on it(dont worry, I sealed it first so it wouldn't get messed up). Having only wakeboarded and never tried a wakeskate it seems alot more slippery but its pretty sweet. tried to throw a little wake jump and it uh.. didnt turn out so well. Inlcuded some pics. Let me know if you guys have any useful advice. oh yeah. I came down on top of the board. nothing like shaving you leg with a little grip tape

eviltweak 08-31-2010 3:42 PM

MMMMM grip burn gotta love it haha.

I am 99% sure that board is composite you don't need to seal it. Still sick either way.

csaidler 08-31-2010 4:52 PM

Yeah it's composite. But I sealed the bottom just to protect the signatures. And the grip burn... Not so awesome. Next time I'll try to progress a little slower

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