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alans 08-31-2010 8:11 AM

Relocating to Loveland, CO
Would anyone from the area mind giving me the lowdown on good neighborhoods/schools/realestate etc.? $200k-$400k depending if my wife goes back to work or not. Is there anything good in the low 200k's? I see lots of houses I like in the low 200's but not sure about the neighborhoods and you know Realtors can't tell you the truth.

cwb4me 08-31-2010 8:40 AM

alan you know realtors are salesman. you don't think they would lie do you?LOL sorry to hear you are leaving but wish you and your family the best of luck.

alans 08-31-2010 8:44 AM

Not leaving necessarily. Just entertaining some career opportunities. Would love to get back in the boat business if I figure out how to make money at it.

cwb4me 08-31-2010 9:06 AM

oh well wish you luck in your career search.

hype29 08-31-2010 9:43 PM

I used to live in Ft.Collins and Windsor for over 12 years and my brother-in-law /sister-in-law lives in Loveland and like it. Its a nice place, but I preferd Ft. Collins. The north side of Loveland is definitly nicer with the newer homes. I know a really nice and trustworthy realtor in the area that I've known for years if your interested. Nice place to live, but the winters can get really long and cold. Boating season is really short.

wake26 09-01-2010 7:37 AM

Allen I live in Ft Collins just north of loveland you shouldn't have any problems finding a home in that price range loveland seems to be a little cheaper for housing then ft collins and windsor. There are some really good websites out there that you can look at to get an idea of the houses that are available in that area. I love it here couldn't think of a better place to live winters do get a little long, but there is always snowboarding.

bruizza 09-01-2010 11:05 AM

I live in Westminster which is south of Loveland and I love it out here. I moved here from TN so was used to long summers and short winters. It is actually nice having winter/snow. I love to snowboard so that helps. Colorado is just a great state to live in. I pass through loveland on the way to the lake and it seems like a nice area.

alans 09-01-2010 2:27 PM

Thanks guys. Flying out next weekend to check out some properties and sit down for some interviews. Its a pretty big deal for us, since we are very well rooted here. All my wife and I do is Snowboard, Wakeboard, Mountainbike, and Road ride. All things that we can do bigger and better in CO.

bruizza 09-01-2010 5:10 PM

Yeah you can definitely do those things on a very big level in CO.

alans 09-02-2010 4:51 AM

One company I am interviewing with is in the western part of denver in the Berkley, Arvada, Twin Lakes area. Any suggestions for neighborhoods around there?

bill_sloan 09-04-2010 5:40 PM

Cherry Creek.

cjh1669 09-07-2010 12:10 PM

Berkley, twin lakes? Not sure I know where either of those are.

colorider 09-07-2010 9:48 PM

A great way to find out the demographics of a town is to google the zip code and look at the city data page.. Here is the one for Berkley. http://www.city-data.com/city/Berkley-Colorado.html

It all depends on where you will be working. Let me know when you have a good prospect for a job and I will help you with your area search. I have lived in CO for 42 years and am familiar with a lot of the areas you are interested in.. Loveland is a great place, but there are also other great places to live. All depends on your work location.

alans 09-10-2010 2:34 PM

I will be there tonight! Busy weekend ahead.

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