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tre 08-30-2010 11:54 AM

24ssv - how is the wake with 750's in back?
I currently have the 1150 in the front and 400's on either side of the engine. I think the wakeboarding wake is great with this setup but the surf wake needs help. I was thinking of putting in 750's in the back in place of the 400's so I have more corner weight for surfing but I'm worried it will screw up the wakeboarding wake. I usually ride at 22mph with 70ft of rope. I don't really like to go faster because the falls hurt a lot more and I'm old. Anobody know how the wake is and if it will get washy with 750's? Will need to go 24mph to get a good wakeboarding wake with the 750's (which I don't want to do either)?

polarbill 08-30-2010 12:01 PM

I have no experience with the boat but just because you put the bigger sacks in the rear doesn't mean you need to fill them up all the way. The other thing you can do if it is too much weight in the rear is put 1 or both 400's in the bow? I think that the 24ssv like bow weight so I think if you have close to 1500# in the rear you probably need 1500+ in the front.

tre 08-30-2010 3:22 PM


Originally Posted by polarbill (Post 1628253)
I just because you put the bigger sacks in the rear doesn't mean you need to fill them up all the way.

That is one of my options.

option 1 is to get a single 750lb sack and full it full for surfing and fill with 400lbs for wakeboarding to match the other side (I can do this by not reprogramming the fill timers).

options 2 is to get two 750s because the wakebaording wake may be better?

I suppose option 3 is to get a single 1100 for the rear but that sounds a bit huge even though it sounds like it will fit fine.

craig_f 08-30-2010 6:02 PM

We got the 750's in back so we can surf both sides. If you fill the front and back full it is hard to get a clean wake unless you have some weight in the bow (we used 2 250lb friends) or if you ride faster than I like to. I wanna say that when I tried it last summer with only 2 people in the boat I ended up riding at like 27.5 to get a clean wake. Now we just fill them up a little over half and balance from there to wakeboard. From what I understand the new system in your boat is easier to fill only half than my older tsunami system. Also for wakesurfung, put your 400 in the walkway to the bow, otherwise the pocket is super short. And if you want to surf on the darkside, expect to put even more weight on top of the 750 in the back.

tre 08-31-2010 7:50 AM

Thanks Craig. That is kind of what I was suspecting.

My boat has timers that I can set to run the fill pump for a certain amount of time so filling 1/2 full and having the pump auto stop is easy with the 2009 setup. Did you have a 99 Supra Launch a long time ago? I remember a Craig Fulton who had a 99 Launch with blue graphics/stripes.

you_da_man 08-31-2010 11:02 AM

The 1100 will fit just fine and it's not overkill on a 24ft boat. On my Moomba XLV (23ft) I have to 1100 sacs in the rear and when I wakeboard I just fill a couple hundred pounds in each. If you surf both sides of the boat get two 1100. To get a nice long surf wake you'll need even more weight

tre 08-31-2010 4:39 PM

Thanks guys. The big Jumbo 1100 is on the way for the rear surf side. It is plug and play.

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