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alans 08-26-2010 7:00 AM

Demoing a Board
So one of my other riding friends has gotten hooked on wakesurfing. We currently ride my P5 DD and love it. He wants to get his own board for when he is not surfing with me. At first he was looking for another "skim" board. But last night we were talking about how he should go ahead and try out a surf style board first. He has insane surf style talent BTW, he drops wayyy back in the pocket, accelerates forward and does huge bottom turns wayy out away from the wake.

So anyway, we are in Richmond,VA and there are no shops that carry decent surf boards. Would love to find a way to "demo" one of the higher end surf style boards. He wants to spend about $500. Any suggestions?


e_rock32 08-26-2010 7:33 AM

If you have a surfboard in mind, do a dealer locater for that brand and give the shop a call to see if they have the board and demo. Of the surf style boards I have rode, my favorite is the Slingshot Arcane, it rides really well and is really strong. I've rode all the grind water shapes and have broke 2 of them (buy a lot of epoxy repair) and they're good for riding but nowhere near as good of shape as the SS Arcane. It's a quad fin, so it's has a lot of bite in turns but can still break loose when you want it to, and its really good for those bottom turns and dropping back... I've heard you can actually surf it on the ocean because it is so buoyant. It will probably be tough to find the board at a shop, though, because they all sold out in my area.

22vdrive 08-26-2010 7:48 AM

look for the shred stixx comp 1 chase hazen this kid on here is selling looks to be in good condition I bet you could get it for 500 shipped.

alans 08-26-2010 7:49 AM

Dealers within a 100 mile radius of Richmond, VA

Flyboy -0
Grindwater -0
Phase 5 -0
Inland Surfer -0
Smed -0
Shred Stixx -0

alans 08-26-2010 7:52 AM

E, I only see 2 Grindwaters in the classifieds, where is the shred stixx for sale?

22vdrive 08-26-2010 8:39 AM


John seems to be wanting to sell his I bought mine on here from surffresh aka Drew for around the same price. I think it's a great deal considering they cost 800 brand new and you have to wait over a month just to get one.

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