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dcervenka 08-23-2010 9:21 PM

CreativeLive - FREE photo & video training classes
If you follow Chase Jarvis or Vincent Laforet then you've probably already heard about http://creativelive.com/ but for those who have not... it's a site that allows you to access any of their photo, video, graphics, etc.. training classes online for FREE.. but there's a catch! You have to watch it LIVE, but if you miss the session then you have the option to purchase it for download (if you pre-purchase then you save a few $$$$)

I checked out Vincent's HDSLR class a few months ago and while it was long Friday - Sunday, 8+ hours a day.. it was very informative and FREE! Typically a course like that would run $1k or more!

scott_a 08-24-2010 2:41 AM

Yeah...from what I've read about these 'classes' on twitter and their blogs it seems SUPER awesome. I mean, Chase is pretty well versed in explaining his craft and Vincent Laforet is a badass behind the camera so you really can't go wrong at all. I just wish I had free time to watch all these things...or more disposable income to buy them all upfront so I can watch them at my leisure.

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