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murphy_smith 08-23-2010 6:50 PM

Painting New Trailer Hub & Drums
The time has come for me replace my hubs / hub drums on my 97 Dorsey trailer. The bearing buddies just dont hold anymore. Southwest wheel is about 10 miles from my house and I can get all new hubs, seals and bearings on all four spindles for about $100

The hubs come with a black paint on them and I need to paint them white.

Any suggestions as to how to prime and paint so it will last?

boomboom 08-23-2010 7:24 PM

Personally I have had WAAY better luck with powdercoating over paint. I'd go that route.

wake_upppp 08-23-2010 7:42 PM

Heat is an enemy of paint and drums generate some decent heat. A high temp specialty coating paint, or better yet, the powder coat route as previously suggested.

murphy_smith 08-24-2010 7:06 AM

Unfortunately powder coating will cost me around $100 by the time i have them blasted and sprayed. That is my shop's minumum, but the do great work.

ttuclint 08-24-2010 8:01 AM

implement paint

Jeff 08-24-2010 9:22 AM

I painted the drums on my Jeep with plain ole black spraypaint and like 60,000 miles later it still looks fine. They have brake caliper paints. You could also use engine paint that contains ceramic.

cadunkle 08-24-2010 9:55 AM

Look at VHT for paint. They make some good high temp paints. Works best if you bake after painting. Anything that gets both hot and dunked in water will show it eventually though.

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