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andy_nintzel 08-23-2010 5:10 PM

Season Ender - LAME
Well my 2010 season came to an abrupt ending yesterday. We were jibbing a few picnic tables in about 18" of water, I tried switch 270, got hung up and got tossed. I stuck my left arm out and broke my hand on impact. I have two spiral breaks in both my ring and little finger in the area of the hand from the nuckle to the wrist and some torn tendons. Pins go in thursday!!! I am so pissed off!!!!!!!!!

alanp 08-23-2010 5:26 PM

that sux. hopefully you have a quick recovery

eubanks01 08-23-2010 5:31 PM

Dude, sorry to hear that. Time for some one-armed riding!

pnichols 08-23-2010 5:37 PM

^or wake surfing :D

nuckledragger 08-23-2010 6:03 PM

Dude, tape it up and ride. Or, as Paul said, you can wakesurf.

Make sure that thing heals quick, you got some baby carrying to do.

cwb4me 08-23-2010 8:07 PM

from my big fat greek wedding SPRAY WINDEX ON IT! it will be okay

bbr 08-23-2010 8:17 PM

Damn sucka, that stinks.

Just put some Tussin on it, use some duct tape as Eric mentioned and get to it.

wake_upppp 08-23-2010 8:22 PM

Damn that sucks man. As hard as you ride wake, its a picnic table and 18 inches of water that takes you out! Hoping for a speedy recovery! Dont push it too soon. Hey at least its pretty close to the end of your season right?

ryan_shima1 08-23-2010 8:28 PM

Sorry to hear that Andy! Heal fast man!

bennn 08-23-2010 9:55 PM

thats rough dude good luck recovering!

wakedad33 08-24-2010 4:09 AM

Bummer, but on the bright side Andy, more time to spend with your new addision.

Luker 08-24-2010 5:32 AM

Sorry to hear it bro... good luck with the surgery and rehab :)

hyperlite 08-24-2010 5:43 AM

Sux dude

jarrod 08-24-2010 6:36 AM

Sorry to hear that Andy. That does suck.

bruizza 08-24-2010 9:45 AM

Time for some wakesurfing since we all know how much you enjoy it!!!

daveronix199 08-24-2010 9:58 AM

Bummer bro

andy_nintzel 08-24-2010 10:59 AM

Thanks ya'll, I am still supre bummed out, but at least I got som egood rides this year prior to the injury. I got my fingers crossed I can make it back out on the water by late october!!!

showmedonttellme 08-24-2010 10:59 AM

Sorry to hear that Andy! As someone said above, use the downtime to be SuperDad.

chillboarder 08-24-2010 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by bennn (Post 1626121)
thats rough dude good luck recovering!

well deserved!!

unclejessie 08-24-2010 12:27 PM

Once the cast is on and it stops hurting, time to work on one handed tricks, like landing blind, switch, or whatever you can do with one hand. I know a guy who rode with a broken hand, his wrist and forearm were in a cast but no problem... it was pretty impressive!


bruizza 08-24-2010 12:32 PM

I know when I broke my wrist they were able to give me goretex lined cast so I could get it wet. not sure if you will be in a cast or not but if you are ask for the goretex one. It cost me an extra $35 but was well worth it.

andy_nintzel 08-24-2010 12:54 PM

I plan doing lots of jibbing and winching during recovery!!

jarrod 08-24-2010 1:54 PM

Or you can take a ride in Billy Tonis' shoes. Tuck your injured arm in the vest, and try some one-armed backrolls 20 feet in the flats.:-)

nuckledragger 08-24-2010 2:15 PM

Hell yeah ^^^^ Rock it Tonis style!

somebuddy 08-24-2010 4:08 PM

Sorry to say this Andy, but it looks like the wake gods are finally punishing you for surfing last week! :) JK man, I wish you the best on your recovery!

jeff_mn 08-25-2010 7:49 AM

It's been a terrible year for Minnesota riders. I can't even count the injuries from our crew alone..

Sorry to hear. Think positive - this is added time with the little one for a few months.

andy_nintzel 08-25-2010 8:17 AM


Originally Posted by somebuddy (Post 1626455)
Sorry to say this Andy, but it looks like the wake gods are finally punishing you for surfing last week! :) JK man, I wish you the best on your recovery!

That was exactly what ti said after the crash and I looked at my hand and my nuckles we missing.

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